Four Amazon boxes arrived at my house in the past two days. The Holiday Season is here! Wow, it’s just starting.

If you are like me, you need to focus on what’s most important this time of you.

Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or isolated?

Do you need a “soul recharge” this holiday season?

We have a gift for you, the Soul Care Package, to connect you, heal you, inspire you and activate your soul’s purpose.

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In the busyness of the holidays, the demands of work, and all the uncertainties and worries of daily life it’s easy for that light of purpose to grow dim. Caught up in the details – we can lose the quality of love and meaning we wish to shine in our lives and relationships.

Why would you want a deeper connection to your soul’s purpose?

Recent research suggests that connecting to your purpose is correlated with higher levels of engagement (4x), productivity (5x), income, wealth, fulfillment (+64%), leadership (+50%), attraction, love (+31%), intelligence, vitality and a long life (+7 years).

If this sounds intriguing, please enjoy this gift from us, a collaborative of purpose and soul guides. There’s no catch, no cost, no fine print.

The Soul Care Package is just a gift for you, offered in the spirit of the season.

  1. Begin with a Soul “Massage,” a 12-song soul journey.
  2. Get inspired and start soulfully re-imagining your life with this inspiring 6-speaker video series.
  3. Awaken hidden aspects of your soul’s purpose via this powerful guided visualization.
  4. Soulfully re-imagine your home through the Soulful Home Remodel Blueprint.

Click here to get your Soul Care Package1

Imagine your friends, coworkers, and family connecting over the music or the videos above.

What would it be like to talk about things that matter to you? What would it be like to stand together as a community to support each other in living purposefully?

You’re invited to create this connection by sharing the Soul Care Package with at least five friends, coworkers, and family members.

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Live a Bold and Authentic Life!