Meet the MKP-USA Chair

David Bauerly

MKP USA Chairman

58 years old this June. I have been happily married to an incredible woman for 33 years this year. My wife Patti and I have two children, Jenny who is 26, and Max, who did the weekend four years ago is 24.

I went back to school later in life graduating in 1987. My undergraduate work was in industrial psychology graduating cum laude.

I have 34 years of sobriety in recovery. For much of my life I have made my living building exquisite “one of a kind” pieces of furniture around the Midwest. I have always had multiple interests since the mid 80s. In 1989 I met Dr. Patrick Carnes was and became the executive producer of 12 hours of programming for PBS on addictions. It aired in 1990.

The last 10 years I have done workshops in Iowa with professionals, primarily physicians, who were intervened on for addiction and are now in recovery. I do coaching with them as follow-up.

I live on an acreage in Sioux City, Iowa, in a home I built along with my woodworking workshop. I have planted over 2500 trees on our land in the last 17 years. I still make furniture and restore fine antiques. I will make sawdust until I die. It is in my soul to do so, in the same way that working with men co-creating a planet that has hope for a future is in me.

I am a weekend full leader and a leader trainer. I served for five years as the certification chair for weekend co-leaders and full leaders. I founded the Sioux City center which will soon become Central Plains Center.

I did my weekend in June 1993. I have led over 100 weekends. I still have a fire in my bones when I am on weekends, whether leading or doing MOS.

I served on my first non-profit board at the age of 24 and served as president of that board for 3 years. To those who are given much, much is expected.