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The Foundation Builders commitment:

$25 per month for 60 months, paid in a way that works best for you. ($1500 over 5 years).

What does this mean for MKP USA?

  • A stable income stream to maintain our infrastructure – long term
  • Innovating our offerings as a world class training and community building organization
  • Strengthen the position of our brand and reach exponentially more men

This is what we are asking you to support. And we hope that you are holding our vision of inspiring and transforming modern masculinity.
Become a Foundation Builder now. Invite other men that you know to become Foundation Builders.

2011 Chairman’s Campaign

The Chairman’s Campaign Commitment

NOW, we all must step up to expand enrollment and innovation so the lives of more men can be healed and their journey in life empowered. We face significant challenges as we move into our second generation of trainings for men. The landscape for personal growth is changing every day. With your support we will remain the premier training organization for men through the next 25 years.

  • Our challenges from the last several years inform the direction of our focused mandates for the future. We rely on your continued solidarity and support. Stand with us as we ascend the road rising before us. Your continued support will help us expand enrollment – a critical need in this time when the lives of men are so deeply at risk!

Your gift of time and money makes a difference in the lives of individual men. Please help us fulfill our mission. We’re helping men grow, because the world needs grown up men.

Thanks to your generous past support, we are improving the running of the project while keeping our “soul” intact, relying on the heart, compassion and core values which make us unique and distinctive as an order of men called to reclaim the sacred masculine for our time.