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On Memorial Day 


Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a day we remember those men and women who gave their lives in the service of the United States. On this day we can’t help but also remember those who fought and survived – as the saying goes “some gave all, all gave some.”

The vision statement for the ManKind Project USA says, in part,

“Our vision is a safe world where all men are brothers, in relationship with one another …

A world where conflicts are resolved peacefully; where torture, genocide, domestic violence and senseless war are only entries in history books …”

We work for a new way of being for men as New Warriors, where the death, suffering, and destruction of senseless war is unthinkable. Even as we strive for peaceful evolution in our world, we acknowledge the necessity, ultimate sacrifice, and dedication of all those, past and present, who have given their lives in service. 

With respect and gratitude,

2018 MKP USA Chairman



If you didn’t get the opportunity to look at the #IAmResponsible Campaign Launched by the ManKind Project USA earlier this year in support of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements – take a look at the article, pdf flyer, and social media memes available.

Cammies for Canines Has a New Home in San Diego County


A #NewWarrior Mission Grows.

The Cammies & Canines Sanctuary has recently been the recipient of a 289 acre property near San Diego on which to create its sanctuary.

You can see the video of the Sanctuary on Cammies & Canines’ Facebook page.

Cammies & Canines is a veteran operated, faith-based non-profit organization that was founded by New Warrior Kalani Creutzburg, a Marine veteran who was homeless himself in 2015. After raising his hand and asking for help through various programs in the community, including his involvement with the ManKind Project, he eventually got himself better. Cammies & Canine’s mission is rooted in an effort to “pay it forward”. 

The Cammies & Canines Sanctuary is helping veterans by providing sober living transitional housing, co-op community, emotional wellness, canine companionship, a chance to rediscover purpose and gain job experience to succeed as contributing citizens in our society.

Congratulations to Kalani on this outstanding accomplishment and to continued success of the mission. Support the mission by donating at the link below. This incredible development also creates a beautiful opportunity for the ManKind Project in California, as the Cammies & Canines Sanctuary will also serve as a new training site for the New Warrior Training Adventure. The first NWTA held at the sanctuary was in May 2018. 


Better Dads Festival

The ManKind Project USA Sponsors the 2nd Annual Festival in Asheville, NC – June 16


The Festival Vision …

  • a diverse community of men and women who foster healthy, compassionate and nurturing individuals, relationships, families and society
  • men who model and inspire healthy fatherhood in all it’s forms
  • men and women engaged in exploring gender issues in our culture
  • full community support of the many mentoring groups in the greater Asheville area
  • a celebration of people coming together in community

The Better Dads Festival is a FREE event for all! With award-winning musical entertainment, food, fun for the kids, and groups and service organizations representing to celebrate healthy Fatherhood. Check out the web site for more photos and details. 


Mission on Wheels

New Warrior Diego Gerena-Quinones 
is using what he knows 
best to help those in need.

“In the last year I began wondering, how can I devote some of my time and energy as a courier to help people, instead of just bringing the very well to do what their hearts desire? That’s when I discovered Transfernation and introduced them to the bicycle courier world that I operate in. Together, we are rescuing food that would otherwise end up in landfills (where it creates more heat trapping methane gas) and transporting it to organizations whose missions are to serve meals to people who struggle the most.”

Read the full story on the ManKind Project USA web site. 

MKP Loses a Good Friend

A good friend to the ManKind Project transitioned out of the mundane for the last time recently. On February 20, 2018 Chief Mel Lone Hill, was declared gone in Rapid City, SD.

He went through the NWTA (New Warrior Training Adventure) in 2007 after being an advisor on cultural issues to MKP for many years. His name among us was Red Hawk.

His Mission was to restore the horse culture of his people. He was instrumental in establishing the Lakota Riders Association and the development of Memorial Rides along historic trails.

Read more on the ManKind Project USA web site. 


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