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Hello Boysen,

Gratitude: (n) the state of being grateful : thankfulness

(Merriam Webster has GRATITUDE in the Top 1% of lookups.)

We wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.

All of us at MKP are deeply grateful for the gifts we have, our connections, our commitment to co-creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Do you have a story you’d like to celebrate with us – share it! Learn More and find out how to submit your good news!

George Daranyi: End of Life Regrets

George Daranyi, Full Certified Leader and Past Chairman of the ManKind Project gave a compelling talk on the need to say what needs to be said. The talk was part of an event called DEBx, hosted by Deb Shapiro in Tempe, AZ. Gratitude for so many connections.


Responding to #MeToo

Excerpt from a selection of writings on #MeToo – from José Antonio Mondelo and others …

“My heart breaks, and my resolve to continue being part of the solution grows.

As a man, and Chairman of the ManKind Project USA, I am heartened to see the outpouring of compassion and empathy, the energy, and also the concrete statements of commitment and accountability from so many MKP men in response to the #metoo movement.

What I would like to see is men supporting all the people coming forward, with deep listening, compassion and presence. I hear you, I see you, I believe you, and I support your speaking out. I am also deeply impacted by the number of courageous men sharing their own #metoo stories, and by those men standing up to be accountable for their actions.”

Read more … and see the #IAmResponsible statement.

The Work – Now Available on iTunes



The Inside Circle Foundation has been a groundbreaking path of mission and service for New Warriors since it was conceived in 1999. Rob Allbee, who did the New Warrior Training Adventure in 1997, brought his skills in men’s work and his connections in MKP to bear in helping launch the program with Patrick Nolan, who started running men’s circles in Folsom some time before the Inside Circle was formed. Inside Circle Foundation is a Ron Hering Mission of Service Award Winner. Many of the most recognized leaders in the ManKind Project view their time working with inmates as the most powerfully transformative experiences they’ve had.

“A humanist masterpiece; An extremely emotional journey through the thoughts and fears of Folsom Prison inmates.”

Birth, Movies, and Death

The Times of London – ★★★★★, The Observer – ★★★★★, MetroUK – ★★★★★ “Life-changing,” Total Film – ★★★★★, IndieWire – ★★★★★

The film shows men’s work in all its beauty, sadness, rage, and redemption. It invites viewers right in to the circle as men work with their shadows through a men’s intensive inside Folsom. It also tracks the several of the facilitators, showing them not as experts, but as men who are sharing a path of discovery. Everyone learns. Everyone is human. The film is having a powerful impact on audiences, and showing how men’s work changes lives in a way never before presented. The ManKind Project USA congratulates everyone involved in making this film, and we celebrate the continued exposure that men’s work is getting in the public eye.

Find the film on iTunes.

RIP Tom Petty

Jim Donovan is a New Warrior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s a co-founder, and one of the New Warriors in the band The Sun King Warriors! His daughter, Tupelo, is also a musician. In a couple weeks they will be part of a tribute show to rock legend Tom Petty.

This is an impromptu rehearsal of the song they’ll perform together, “Wildflowers.” This song has beautiful lyrics.


#NewWarriors helping on the Streets of LA

Here is a group of New Warrior men in Los Angeles regularly joining @mamadfeedsthehomeless to help out. Thank you Brothers! See the video.

Godel Sefu’s Mission in South Africa – Redeeming Hope for the Disabled – RHD


Godel Sefu is a disability rights activist and Ron Hering Mission of Service Award winner for South Africa in 2012. Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, region of North Kivu. He became physically disabled on his way to become a Roman Catholic Priest at the major seminary in 2001. As result of the political conflict in the Eastern province of Congo, he was forced to immigrate to South Africa in 2007. He co-founded the Redeeming Hope for the Disabled ( The organisation promotes the rights of refugees with disabilities being the most disadvantaged human groups almost forgotten both by people in the wider disability community and those working with refugees.


Godel has recently published a review of the accomplishments and ongoing efforts of RHD. Learn more about his incredible work. The ManKind Project in Africa is growing in incredible ways, in South Africa and beyond.

The Holidays Aren’t Always Happy


Thanks for this reminder. 
from New Warrior Brendan Rowe

“For many the Holidays are a time of sorrow instead of joy. You are not alone. ❤B”

Don’t forget that the ManKind Project USA provides QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer Training for all Supporting Members. Learn more.

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