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Greetings Boysen,

In a time of uncertainty and suffering, gratitude and deepening contemplation, may each of us feel the warmth of compassion for all our relations.

Enjoy this compilation of the differences men make living on purpose!

Boysen – Brother Raven 04/2004
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A Message From the Chairman

“You know what the ultimate in cultural competency is? To have enough compassion 
to become a relative.” ~ Larry Swallow.

(Board Member – All Nations Gathering Center
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, October 2, 2017)

Another reminder of what wisdom teachers throughout the ages have taught. We are all related. In the Lakota tradition, there is a saying that many of us have heard, Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ. Frequently translated as “All my relations,” the words are a reminder to me of our interconnectedness across all differences. They are a reminder that we rise or fall together. There is no ‘other,’ though our cultures and institutions certainly create very real impacts in the treatment of some – for benefit and for detriment.

Whether suffering arises from human action or from unforeseeable natural occurrences, in each new moment we have opportunities to choose our path of response and action.

As a human being, I commit to modeling more compassion. I want us all to experience that we are all fundamentally related more often, to feel it in our hearts and guts. I commit to working together, transforming our culture and institutions to reflect this lived experience.

All harm is harm to ourselves. All violence is violence to us. All neglect is neglect of us.All separation is separation from the self. May all who are suffering in the wake of tragedy know peace. I remain committed to creating that peace.

Today, I’m on my way to serve as staff on a New Warrior Training Adventure. All actions create ripples. I honor all the men and women out there stepping forward in service to humanity. I honor all those who are suffering and stepping forward to appeal for help. May we all receive the help we need.




ps. Here is a message from an I-Group brother, Bruce, that I feel moved to share.

After the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night, I’ve been thinking about why there are so many men who are mass shooters – if you read the bios, many had deep wounds from the past and felt disconnected from themselves and those around them.

So, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the work that we are are doing to be better men, partners, fathers, grandfatherers and especially want to honor our brothers who give of their time, labor, tears, and much more to staff and MOS weekends so men have a sacred space to own their shadows and heal.

I agree.

#100kMasks Challenge 
Ashanti Branch and the Ever Forward Club

Ashanti Branch and the Ever Forward Club are on the move with the launch of the #100kMasks Challenge. The concept is simple. Create a mask that shows the YOU that you show to the world, and share at least three words to describe that mask. Now share three words to describe what you keep behind the mask.

Goal: Engage 100,000 people around the world to explore their Mask and to connect with others around our similarities as people. #100kMasks will help to build deeper communities and connections by gathering a deeper understanding of people all over the world. A deeper understanding will show how connected we really are when it comes to the Masks we live in and those things we keep Behind the Masks.


This could be a great activity for your I-Group or Open Men’s Circle! What about your kids’ school? Get a simple template here:

Ashanti also got to launch the #100kMasks Challenge in Australia with New Warriors including Brandon Clift! They hosted a screening of the critically acclaimed film “The Mask You Live In,” with HUGE reception.

Kalani Creutzburg – Cammies & Canines

Kalani’s Mission of Service in the World is helping in more ways every day!

Cammies & Canines was just on Animal Planet TV! The Organization is now planning to open a dog rescue/sanctuary operated by the homeless veterans they work with. “Rescuing homeless dogs, healing homeless veterans!” You can help reach their goal to open our non-profit dog rescue this year. Go to…


Social Mission!

Check out the Cammies & CaninesFacebook Page for more stories from the project!

GROOMING FOR SUCCESS! Another epic homeless outreach event in San Diego. We were handing out free clothes and providing free haircuts to homeless veterans (and any other homeless folks walking by). 

*Future* New Warrior Glen Donnelly
Already Making an Impression around the world.

Glen is already living a mission. And MKP Australia Noticed.

Donnelly just celebrated his 30th birthday by sky-diving naked and playing the violin to raise awareness about men’s body and self-image issues. He’s a concert violinist formerly with the London Symphony, who is now on a mission to change how men see themselves. His jump has been covered by press from all over the world! New Warrior Steven Hill was able to pitch in by donating the dive with his company Coff’s Skydivers. Donnelly has raised nearly $5,000 to support three charities in Australia (including the ManKind Project). And just this week he shared that MKP Australia has comped his participation in their upcoming November NWTA. Glen is psyched!

I’m over the moon as this is one of the three charities I’m raising funds for at where they want to think tank the world’s first men’s body image workshop and break new ground in our culture, if we can just raise the money for them.”

See “the Work” Trailer Online
and look for a screening





The Inside Circle Foundation has been a groundbreaking path of mission and service for New Warriors since it was conceived in 1999. Rob Allbee, who did the New Warrior Training Adventure in 1997, brought his skills in men’s work and his connections in MKP to bear in helping launch the program with Patrick Nolan, who started running men’s circles in Folsom some time before the Inside Circle was formed. Inside Circle Foundation is a Ron Hering Mission of Service Award Winner. Many of the most recognized leaders in the ManKind Project view their time working with inmates as the most powerfully transformative experiences they’ve had.

A humanist masterpiece; An extremely emotional journey through the thoughts and fears of Folsom Prison inmates.

Birth, Movies, and Death

The Times of London – ★★★★★, The Observer – ★★★★★, MetroUK – ★★★★★ “Life-changing,” Total Film – ★★★★★, IndieWire – ★★★★★

The film shows men’s work in all its beauty, sadness, rage, and redemption. It invites viewers right in to the circle as men work with their shadows through a men’s intensive inside Folsom. It also tracks the several of the facilitators, showing them not as experts, but as men who are sharing a path of discovery. Everyone learns. Everyone is human. The film is having a powerful impact on audiences, and showing how men’s work changes lives in a way never before presented. The ManKind Project USA congratulates everyone involved in making this film, and we celebrate the continued exposure that men’s work is getting in the public eye.

Check DOGWoof for dates and Locations of Screenings.

United States Release of the Film is scheduled for late this year 
– but select screenings are happening now.

Visit the Work on Facebook

Common Good, Common Sense


Terry Mollner is one of the early pioneer New England New Warriors who helped to establish and grow the New England Community. Terry has been an influential voice in the growing conscious capitalism, B Corporation, and socially responsible investment movement for over 40 years. He has just published a book, “Common Good Capitalism is Inevitable,” outlining his philosophical and spiritual map for understanding the future of capitalism in the world.

The Love Skill Weekend – San Francisco

Terry Mollner is also currently offering a ‘pay-it-forward’ weekend workshop called “The Love Skill Weekend” from November 10-12 in San Francisco CA. This is an amazing opportunity to be among a group of entrepreneurs and forward thinking investors to learn the skill that Terry has been practicing and building for the last 30 years. Learn More.

Enlightened Men’s Movement Summit 
features New Warriors


Speaker and Teacher Daniel John Hanneman, has gathered 21+ speakers to support men in navigating the deeper awakenings available to us right now in the world. There are some powerful men in the line-up! It’s a free to listen summit – register here.

A number of New Warriors are featured, including Boysen Hodgson, Brandon Peele, Alex Iglecia, and Randy Crutcher. Also on board are some household names: It’s already started – but you can join in now and catch up!


ManKind Project Israel Schedules First NWTA

MKP Israel charges forward. Applications are open for their first NWTA, scheduled for February 20th-22nd just outside of Jerusalem. If you are fluent in Arabic and are interested in helping to translate their website and marketing materials, please contact Noah Pedrini ( 

Visit MKPIsrael Online

The Humble Warrior – Chris Forte


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chicago Area New Warrior Chris Forte to talk about his new book – “The Humble Warrior” and to hear about his straightforward spiritual philosophy for creating the life he lives today. ~ Boysen Hodgson ~ See the Interview on Youtube. You can find the book and learn more about Chris at his website.

BAM Program Makes International Headlines


A Politico Article by Erick Trickey from September 21, 2017 has generated significant interest in the expanding work that BAM (Becoming A Man) is doing with young men in Chicago and (now!) in Boston. See the full article here. The ManKind Project got a great mention in the article with some classic words from the founder of BAM, Anthony Di Vittorio (a Ron Hering Award Winner).

“BAM also requires all counselors to go on a weekend retreat put on by the ManKind Project, a Chicago-based organization that dates back to the men’s movement of the 1980s and 1990s. The retreat is a key part of BAM counselors’ “rites-of-passage work,” an ongoing examination of their challenges and character. Men who won’t make themselves vulnerable, Di Vittorio says, won’t inspire boys to do the same.”

This lengthy article provides an in depth look at the history, teaching pedagogy, impact, and future of the BAM program. We’re incredibly proud to be connected to BAM and Youth Guidance in this way.

Mindful Leadership and Live Meditation

Bruce McLellan is a New Warrior in Rochester, NY – his mission is mindfulness.

Bruce was recently featured in a short segment on local Rochester news talking about mindful leadership, and his program “Everyday Mindfulness” the focus of his coaching practice. Bruce hosts live meditation and mindfulness sessionsthrough his Facebook page every day! Check out the 75+ Benefits of Meditation document on the page.

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