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Core Map Assessment

CORE MAP is an assessment designed to provide deep, broad, and accurate analyses to get past conditioned perceptions and behaviors and reveal natural traits and abilities unique to you. CORE MAP provides a clear baseline from which to build, which results in very rapid personal and professional growth and progress. Thousands of testimonials from coach facilitators and their thrilled clients make it clear that this assessment works.


Strengths of CORE MAP

CORE assessments have many strengths which cannot be found anywhere else. Besides being a fully integrated system, CORE MAP:

  • Measures across the entire spectrum of human behaviors

  • Provides deep insights into how each of the behaviors has developed and is currently being used

  • Provides deep, broad, highly accurate analyses of natural traits and abilities

  • Reveals development levels and reactionary patterns

  • Measures emotional intelligence in specific areas

  • Cannot be skewed without detection so results are highly reliable and accurate

Learn more about who you are

With CORE MAP, you have an accurate blueprint. It provides a baseline to build from and a highly accurate picture of natural abilities and talents, as well as the degree to which natural abilities and talents are developed or need to be developed. This baseline acts as a blueprint from which an individual can build a successful, fully functioning life much like a builder’s blueprint aids a builder in creating a beautiful, fully functioning building.

Because CORE MAP is an integrated system that measures from many angles and systematically integrates all the measures, it goes far beyond what other assessments are capable of. CORE MAP looks deeply enough to measure and predict development levels, reactionary patterns, coping patterns, emotional intelligence and current capacity in very specific ways. The result is a very in-depth and accurate picture, not just of who you believe you are, but of what you have actually developed, how effectively you are using each trait set, and what to further develop to reach your highest potential.

Are you living authentically?

Living a TYPE that isn’t you can cause major blocks to success, happiness, and mental health.

Falsification of Type has a direct bearing on motivation, energy and effectiveness in the workplace. Living your authentic type improves engagement, interest, motivation and effectiveness exponentially. 




  • Learn your CORE (authentic) type in-depth
  • Discover your Authentic and Conditioned style of being in the world
  • Learn your Primary, Secondary, Back-up and Dormant preferences

Included Reports:

  • Develop your highest potential
  • Career guide for your Type
  • CORE types as leaders
  • CORE MAP Evaluation book

FULL PACKAGE: $495 – all the above plus:

  • Follow-up 45 – 60 minute coaching session – to maximize and integrate the discovery and facilitate you quickly and easily owning your authentic way of being.
  • Progress report – another 45 – 60 minute coaching session that can show you how you are implementing more of your Authentic self. We can see where your triggers and reactive behaviors show up and how to detect them before negative words and actions sabotage your success and your relationships.


Duration: Online Assessment / Review with Certified Coach
Leadership: Certified CORE Map Facilitator, Carmil Surritt
Pre-Requisites: None – Open to Men & Women

How to Start

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The CORE MAP changed my life. I’ve taken different tests over many years that gave me insight to who I was in the moment, but not the truth. CORE MAP told me the whole truth about who I am and how I react to stress and what to do about it.
~ Scotty Krabler


I’ve been doing personal work for 20 years. My NWTA was one of the most profound experiences. It wasn’t until today at 69 years old that I finally met myself doing CORE MAP. 
~ Bob Johnson

A ‘Heart to Heart’ with Core Map Coach Carmil Surritt

MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews Carmil Surritt who is the MKP USA Curriculum Lead, Core Mapping Coach.

Carmil shares how he was drawn to MKP and then became deeply involved and ended up as the lead for the curriculum committee which is tasked with standardizing the terms, values and messaging in existing trainings. They also look to adding additional trainings developed internally and externally to fill in gaps towards helping men in their growth. 

In particular, one of the newest offerings is the online live “The Men’s Work” trainings that give men from over 40  different countries to see and share with other men, where 16% – 20% of attendees go to the NWTA.

“They [NWTA staffers] were real, they were supportive, they were authentic, they were vulnerable and they were serving from a really deep place.”

“Men being able to see other men and feel safe enough to share what’s going for them as men online get a taste for it, it’s something they’ve been looking for.” 

“It’s being courageous enough to showup, having no idea that it’s going to be a good experience or bad experience.”