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Tosi & Associates – A Couples Weekend

Healing, Empowerment, and Deeper Intimacy for all kinds of committed relationships.

Experiential Workshop for Men and Women in Relationship

Developed by Rich & Char Tosi, presented by Rich & Laurie Riedman, John & Rhonda Gaughan, and Jim & Linda Brooks.

So, now that you’ve done the NWTA – What’s next?

How about learning skills specifically designed to enrich your relationship!
Join us for this transformative weekend to learn:

  • how to ask for what you want without alienating your partner
  • non-blaming, non-shaming communication
  • effective listening skills
  • the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger
  • how to express anger cleanly
  • how to stop destructive patterns in your relationship
  • how you project past hurts onto your partner
  • how your partner can help you heal your deepest emotional wounds
  • Rituals to deepen and nourish your relationship

Discover more joy in your relationship journey. Are you ready to mine the gold that is possible in your relationship? Spend time together learning skills that turn seemingly dark moments into opportunities for intimacy. If you are in a relationship that is working well, these same skills are the gateway to even deeper intimacy.

Learn how gender differences impact your relationship. By participating in same gender and mixed gender groups you can learn how to deal with the different expectations and assumptions that men and women often bring into a relationship.

The skills taught at New Warrior & Women Within trainings primarily focus on your personal empowerment. Using these skills with your partner may not always work. You will learn the skills and tools specifically designed to deepen and enrich your relationship. (Attending a NWTA or Women Within training is not required to attend a Couples Weekend)


Workshop hours: Fri. 6-10:30pm, Sat. 9am-9pm, Sun. 9am-4pm

Limit on number of Couples: Only 12 couples.
COST: Average – $750 per couple. Non-Residential.

The Couples weekend was created and refined over 30 years by Char and Rich Tosi. Char is founder of Woman Within. Rich is co-founder of the ManKind Project. John & Rhonda, Jim & Linda, and Laurie and Rich have been certified to lead the Couples Weekend over the past 10 years. or

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Duration: 3 Days
Location: Non-Residential
Leadership: Professional Leadership
Pre-Requisites: None – Open to Men & Women


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“It is a remarkable process & experience to have. A great gift for me, for us, for anyone in a relationship, for now, for forever.”
— Ellen

“This experience allowed me the safety to identify, acknowledge & voice things that I’ve been holding onto for years. And from this place change can occur.”
— Julie

“Very positive, gave K. and I the tools to become closer together and remove barriers between us.”
— Craig

“This workshop is great, it’s has totally transformed our relationship.”
— Michael