Your effort is essential to increasing diversity within MKP.

The core values of the ManKind Project USA are:  Accountability •  Authenticity • Compassion • Generosity
• Integrity • Leadership •  Intercultural Competence • Respect

The leadership of MKP USA understands that cultural diversity refers to people from all the historically excluded groups in our society: all those impacted by oppression based on variables such as color, age, socioeconomic class, education, religion, appearance and ability, region, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, immigrant status, and more.  

If you like the idea of a significantly more diverse Project, there are actions you can take:

First, you can invite men from historically excluded groups to sit in circle and attend the NWTA.  

Second, you can take training in how to make our circles genuinely more understanding and supportive of men who are different from ourselves.

Third, you can make a contribution to the Diversity Fund to provide support for men who would not be able to attend an NWTA without economic assistance.

There is financial diversity in every one of the historically excluded groups.  Some are men of means and others identify themselves as working/poor. If money is an obstacle for a man to attend the NWTA, and he identifies as a member of an historically excluded group, let him know about the Diversity Funds.

You are welcome to make a general donation or specify whether your gift should be reserved to benefit a particular historically group in the MKP USA.  

Diversity Funds

General Diversity Scholarship Fund

The Diversity Fund helps men from any historically excluded groups attend the New Warrior Training Adventure by providing scholarships to MKP USA Areas for up to $200 per man. Donate.

Men of Color Scholarship

The Men of Color Scholarship helps any man impacted by oppression based on skin color in the USA attend any MKP USA Training. Up to $400 per Training can be used from this scholarship fund. Donate.

GBTQ Scholarship

The GBTQ Fund helps GBTQ men attend the New Warrior Training Adventure by providing scholarships to MKP USA Areas for up to $200 per man attending the NWTA. Donate.

Equitable Community Initiative Fund

Help fund projects to build diverse, inclusive and equitable community in MKP USA that are administered by the Equitable Community Initiative Circle. Donate.

When you give to these funds – you support building a more inclusive and diverse brotherhood.  Thank you for your commitment!

We are the ManKind Project USA.

* Maximum number of scholarship funds to be awarded through the MKP USA National Diversity Scholarship Funds are 2 per NWTA training. MKP Areas will decide who are to receive these scholarships. Many Areas have additional Area scholarships funds they can draw from for men in need.