Dying to Live! How to Face Death with Radical Presence

This one is hard. 

This is Boysen Hodgson, co-host of the ManKind Podcast, today with a conversation about death and dying, with my dear friend, Michael Russer. Now Michael has been on the podcast before. You can hear from him in Episode 31, ‘How to Create Extraordinary Intimacy’ … Michael has been my colleague, friend, and right hand ‘get shit done’ guy for many years. 

He’s an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and a thinker and leader in creating extraordinary intimacy in the face of hardship, including his long battle with prostate cancer. 

Michael is dying. Brandon Clift and I got together with Michael to talk about living with extraordinary presence and facing life, and death, with dignity … focused on what matters. 

In somewhat of a tradition … I wrote some poetry for Michael to go with this episode.

I’ll read that … and then we’ll dive in. In this episode, the three of us start out with a check in, in true men’s work fashion. Thank you for listening.