Discover the Heroic Potential in Your Team to Overcome Epic Challenges and Realize the Greatest Possibilities for Your Organization. A 16 Week Online Course for nonprofit leaders and teams.

Leadership & Service

The Epic Leadership Course contains concepts and action strategies that have been proven to facilitate transformational change in organizations for over 35 years – the kind of change that only happens when we radically switch our approach to everyday problems. Thought provoking, inspirational ideas, and tons of PRACTICE. We now have the skills, tools and vision to move beyond the limitations of our past. We are on the road to building a renewed and Collaborative Community.

The Course Leader

As Founder and Principal of Griggs Leadership, Thomas Griggs, PhD, designs and facilitates high engagement leadership development programs that serve organizational and community leaders around the world. He was initiated in 1993 and co-founded the Greater Carolinas Area in 1995. He created the first Organization and Community Leadership training for the Project (OCL 103) and has facilitated conflict resolution and community building at local, national and international levels for almost 20 years. Thomas has also provided training and consulting to numerous leadership teams on leading and managing organizational change in the Project.

Our Unique Offer

An opportunity for convenient, affordable, professional development in organizational and community leadership. The Epic Leadership Course contains concepts and action strategies that have been proven to facilitate transformational change in organizations for over 35 years – the kind of change that only happens when we radically switch our approach to everyday problems.

We can’t promise that your life will be perfect at the end of these 16 weeks, but we do guarantee that each week you’ll learn at least one powerful new skill that lets you eliminate one nagging point of stress and accomplish one key result that has eluded you. Think about that. At the end of 16 weeks you’ll have:

  • 16 powerful new leadership skills
  • 16 stressors eliminated
  • 16 priority organizational results

We will cover:

  • Meet the Maegus: Conjuring Sustainability Out of Chaos
  • The Challenge of Balance: Embracing Emotional Wisdom for Health & Serenity
  • The Challenge of Understanding: Mastering the Art of Perfect Listening
  • The Challenge of Generativity: Unleashing the Creative Power of Groups
  • The Challenge of Reputation: Engaging Community Resources Through Storytelling
  • The Challenge of Inclusion: Collaborating Across Power and Difference
  • The Challenge of Efficiency: Designing Simple Systems for Breakthrough Sustainability
  • The Promise of Remembering: Applying Wisdom for Lasting Change


Duration: 16 Weeks Location: Online Course Leadership: Professional Leadership


Email Course Organizer Click here to sign up. Open to men and women


I have known and worked with Thomas Griggs Ph.D. for more than 20 years. During my tenure The ManKind Project International, and I, faced incredible challenges internally and externally. With Dr. Griggs’ immeasurable assistance and impact we re-emerged as a vibrant, healthy and transformed organization. Frankly, we could not have done it without him. – George Daranyi, Chair, The ManKind Project, International 2008-2011

Thomas Griggs has a wealth of knowledge and is a deep resource to anyone wanting to gain skills with facilitating groups through difficult decisions and situations. His enthusiasm for sharing these gifts is truly infectious. I have personally sought out his advice and support during several very difficult situations of group conflict and found both the advice and support to be invaluable. Anything Thomas brings to the table deserves a very serious look. – Mike Elser, Former Chair, MKP USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Epic Leadership? A: Epic Leadership is a 16 week online training program in Organization and Community Leadership, produced by Griggs Leadership Programs and sponsored by the ManKind Project USA. ( (

Q: When does the Course start? A: June 1, 2016. The Opening teleseminar is scheduled for 8:30pm EST

Q: When is registration open? A: Registration is open now through through the end of the first Lesson Module, June 15th

Q: Why are you emphasizing the option of Intact Work Groups? Can I enroll solo? A: Yes, you are welcome to enroll solo. And, because leadership in organizations and communities necessarily requires us to be working in teams, the Course is designed to identify, build and strengthen work groups of all types, formal and informal. In addition, we believe the research that suggests learning is both accelerated and sustained over time through group methodologies.

Q: How do you define an Intact Work Group? A: It is liberal, and intentional. An intact work group is 3 or more people who are:

  • working or volunteering in the same organization
  • serving the same population either currently or in the near future
  • working together on a common project or interest.

Q: What is the tuition discount for enrolling as an intact work group? A: 25% ($200) off the full tuition.

Q: Who is eligible for the work group discount? A: Anyone, from any organization, association, mission of service or community initiative. Epic Leadership is open to the public.

Q: How do I register an intact work group? A: During your separate registrations you will each declare: a. whether you are a registered member of MKP USA, and b. that you are enrolling as a member of an intact work group

You will each receive the published discounts simply based on your declarations. After registering, when you fill out your Participant Profile, you will each enter the unique name of your work group, whatever you all have agreed to call yourselves. We will verify your enrollment as a group manually after all of you have completed your Profiles.

Q: Do I need to have everyone in my work group register at the same time? A: No, in fact they can’t. Although we have a discount for intact groups we have no actual registration mechanism to register more than one person at a time. You are encouraged to register as soon as possible as an individual.

Q: What is the format of the Course? A: Epic Leadership is a self-paced, 16-week online course employing:

  1. Recorded audio and video
  2. An accompanying written text and workbook
  3. A community learning site to connect and share with other participants
  4. Individual and group assignments
  5. Weekly live applications calls to address participant challenges and opportunities

Q: What if I have to miss one? A: No problem. They are all recorded.

Q: What if I can’t make any of the scheduled calls? A: You can submit questions in writing and we will answer them for the recording. And we will work with you to find alternatives as needed, without trying to list all the possibilities here.

Q: Who is eligible for the other published discount? A: Anyone who elects to become a Contributing Member of MKP USA will receive an additional 25% off the full tuition. This is a great opportunity to engage and support other causes that you love by bringing their leaders into a compassionate and continuing learning community.

Q: Where can I learn more about the Course? A: The Course Page:

Q: What action should I take? A: Well, of the many possibilities open to you in this ever-evolving universe, you might want to follow the experience of others, and enroll now.

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