by Boysen Hodgson

I’m always happy to check in with JD Wolfe and Stephán McKenzie, two ManKind Project Certified New Warrior Training Adventure Co-Leaders, and all-around amazing guys.

And, because it’s PRIDE, I reached out to them this week to hear about Leadership, Empowerment, Finding Your Voice, and Going IN to Move OUT through programs for GBTQ+ men.

We talked first about the Living Through Disruption 7 week Online program developed for men to confront and thrive through upset, like the pandemic, or really any kind of big change in their lives. This program is available for any man, and there are custom cohorts for our GBTQ+ brothers. Then we talked about MKP USA’s Ask & Tell Coaching Program, designed with GBTQ+ Leadership top-of-mind. We dug in to creating unique containers where men have the opportunity to be fully seen and present themselves unfiltered in order to practice stretching into more self-empowerment and growth in the world.

Check out the video. And look for the next sessions of Living Through Disruption and Ask & Tell in late summer/fall 2021.

MKP USA celebrates PRIDE: recognizing the gifts, brilliance, and resilience of our GBTQ brothers and our LGBTQ+ family. We could not be the organization we are today without the love, power, and leadership of GBTQ men in every circle of the organization, including the Chair and Chair Elect of the ManKind Project USA Board.

We also celebrate the Men’s Work Intro – GBTQ, which joins a list of ongoing Open Men’s Groups and I-Groups hosted by and for GBTQ men in MKP.

The success of these programs arises from the commitment of the men who have taken them on – as course creators, facilitators, and program managers. And all these programs owe a debt to men who championed and continue to lead GBTQ Gateway New Warrior Trainings, Rainbow Warrior Gatherings, and GBTQ Community activities across MKP – spaces that have created profound awakening not only for participants, but for MKP as an organization. Empowering leadership and connection for our GBTQ brotherhood benefits all of us.