Open Issue List

Version 1.0

The major menu structure is:

  1. Home
  2. Announcements
  3. Communities
    1. Community Page A
    2. Community Page B
    3. Community Page N
  4. Events
    1. NTWAs for this Area
    2. NWTA International Calendar
    3. Other Trainings
  5. Help
    1. FAQ
    2. How To
    3. Links
  6. About

This version provides community pages with populated events, announcements, contacts and open I-Group names. The communities are hard coded, one page per community. Users can be configured to send a post to a community but the post will not automatically forward to any v-groups.

Functional Issues


  • Document how to create and update events (this will come from Keith)

Help Pages


The FAQ page should be driven by content from MKPUSA. A simple XML feed would work fine. Discuss with John.

How To Page

The How To page is local to the MKPNW site, but could / should? be a part of the generic site.  Discuss with John and Boysen.

Cosmetic Issues

  • Need to find a man with good graphics and CSS skills who can cleanup this site.

Version 1.1

This version will dynamically create the Home, Announcements and Community pages based on the data coming from MKP Connect’s database (via the XML feed) and provide an interface that allows WordPress users to be associated with specific communities and be granted rights to post automatically and/or have their posts sent to specific v-groups. This version will also provide a Settings page that will allow the administrator to configure the site to a local area.

Add an Issue:

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