How to Launch a Facebook Giving Campaign

Men are increasingly using Facebook as an easy way to raise money for MKP USA. It is now possible for the MKP USA Areas to share in the donations. You can now choose how up to 50% of your campaign will be split with your area or Society. 

Here are the procedures to follow so that Facebook Fundraiser starter (this means you) can designate the amount of money raised that should go to your area.

  1. Create the Fundraiser on Facebook. 
  2. Fill out the Google Form Here
    1. The following information will be collected
      1. Name and email of the person starting the fundraiser
      2. The start date of the fundraiser
      3. The end date of the fundraiser
      4. The goal amount of the fundraiser
      5. Area that the donations will be split with
        1. Type of donation –
            1. Scholarship fund
            2. General donation
            3. Other specific fund/class previously set up

Upon completion of the Fundraiser, the Facebook donation campaign manager at MKP USA will check the total final donations and inform MKP USA Finance as to the amount of the total donations and the amount of the split. The Facebook donation campaign manager will then notify the Area Financial Coordinator as well as the Facebook Fundraiser starter of the final amount for the local area as well as the estimated date the donation will be received by MKP USA and the Area.