I-Groups are a primary value and force that MKP brings to the world, particularly the world of men, for it is through I-Groups that our work as New Warriors – changing the world – is most often realized.


From the very beginning of New Warriors, the Founders and those who followed taking this work into the world realized the importance of helping men make that return to their world positive and effective. They also knew the power of men sitting in circles with other men who supported and challenged them, held them accountable, and gave them a place to speak their truth to another man without fear of judgments. With this profound understanding of the need and the value of supporting men on their journey in the world, MKP recognizes the essential value of Integration Groups.

Our circles help men deepen skills for conflict resolution, listening, emotional intelligence, goal achievement, and healthy boundary setting. I-Groups help men find and nurture a healthy, powerful and positive masculinity through the daily transitions of modern life. MKP serves a growing network of nearly 1000 peer support groups meeting weekly or biweekly, serving close to 10,000 men. I-Groups form the heart of our brotherhood, and are frequently open to visitors and guests.


Duration: Weekly 2-3 Hours
Location: Private Facility
Leadership: Peer Facilitation
Pre-Requisites: NWTA & PIT: Some I-Groups welcome visitors.


Phone your local community
Email your local community
CLICK: Here to learn more.
All initiated men are welcome.


“We all have dreams. We all have desires. We all do the best we can – with what we’ve got … At the age of 47 I felt that I was doing a pretty good job. I have a pretty happy family, and lead and manage my staff pretty well. This weekend gave me a new lease on life! A new desire! A new drive! A new ambition! A new vision! I feel invigorated with a new energy, a drive and desire for more, for better, for me, for my family, for my community and for my business!”