The I-Group Leadership Skills Training will help you build safer, connected, and more competent Leaders.


Can you commit to 2.5 hours a week one time each week for 6 weeks? Then you will want to apply for this training.

Meeting time will consist of:

  1. First part of the session is instructional time on hosting effective I-Groups.
  2. Second part is men will be sent to break out rooms with instructors to conduct your I-Group experience.
  3. Final part will be peer feedback of how the leader conducted the of I group and 30 minutes of feedback.

Every man has opportunities to facilitate processes based on his energy and experience during any work being done. On the day you sit as king you are not expected to facilitate every piece of work. The man doing work is encouraged to choose the man he would like to facilitate his work. The man facilitating may ask another man for support. It is very important for the safety of the container that men respect the process. There is typically adequate time for each man to participate.


Some things you will learn from the I-Group Leadership Skills Training sessions:

  • Experience Online Kingship
  • Group agreements & Trust Building
  • Elements of a Safe Container
  • Influence I-Group Growth
  • Time Flow & Management 


Duration: 6 Sessions
Location: Online 
Leadership: Approved Leadership
Pre-Requisites: NWTA & I-Group Participation

Registration Open Now

Date:  Feb 26, Mar 4, 11, 18, 25,
             Apr 1, 2024
Time: 7:30 – 10:00p eastern
             (find my time)


“ I’d give the training a 9/10. The Instructors were a great support. The other men taking the training made it feel safe.  This should become a standard next level training for men in MKP. It will allow them to stay connected as they move around and for I Groups to form in areas where distance is an issue.  As a seasoned iGroup leader and member of 18 years I can encourage ANY iGroup on our planet to take this training especially those with harsh winter weather conditions at times. The online meeting protocol truly works. I learned a lot, loved the process and am More Man than I was at the beginning of the course!”  

– Richard Stewart Vancouver, CA 2017