What makes us human? It’s who we are for one another. We see it with our loved ones, we have seen it in Houston, we see in the hundreds and thousands of purposeful endeavors all over the world.

When we get connected to our purpose as a service to the world, as our calling, within us arises a genuine desire to connect, and a new kind of leadership, one that emerges from who we are at our core, what our life’s work is and what calls us to service and action.

Knowing this new kind of leadership is possible is why I’m excited to announce a new FREE training from Brandon Peele and his team at Planet Purpose: Purpose + Prosperity for the Next Generation of Leaders.

This training will guide you into a vision of your life, where you are passionately and creatively engaged in your career. Step into a big life of service, leadership, prosperity, and fulfillment. You’ll discover the science of Purpose and see how deepening your connection to your purpose is your key to not just your leadership, but to the good life.

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As you may know, Brandon is the author of Planet on Purpose and the Course Leader for the ManKind Project and Woman Within’s purpose program this year, the Global Purpose Expedition.

When you sign up for this FREE training, we’re happy to announce that you’ll get Brandon’s audiobook of Planet on Purpose. MKP co-produced this audiobook, and it is as Tim Kelley says, “… the most comprehensive book on higher purpose ever written.” Plus it prominently features the powerful work of MKP and Bill Kauth.

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