Tuesday, November 7, 8 AM to 9:30 AM CST, Voices of Men, founded by #NewWarrior Shannon Lee Wyman Kenevan, a ManKind Project Ron Hering award winner, is offering a livestream of their 8th annual Call to Action breakfast. The purpose of the annual event is to raise awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence, and inspire men and boys to take action to be part of the solution – often in small, everyday ways.

For the past two years the Call to Action breakfast has sold-out  with over 1,000 people in attendance, including 300+ high school students. In addition, last year over 1,000 people joined the event by livestream

Voices of Men has a mission of helping end sexual assault and domestic violence by dismantling Man Box culture and building a culture of Healthy Manhood . 

Featured speakers are Brenda Tracy & Guante. Brenda Tracy is a rape survivor, a nurse, lobbyist, mother, advocate, and activist. Her experience as a survivor of gang rape on a college campus sparked national discussion and action in collegiate sports.  

Guante’s poem – “10 Responses to the Phrase Man Up” is a piece that has been posted a lot on ManKind Project social media.

Guante is a slam poet and activist. Please note that difficult topics will be discussed at the Call to Action including sexual assault and domestic violence.

You can now watch the full presentation of the Call to Action Breakfast right here!