How does the Burden and Blessing of Leadership show up in your life?

The Burdens and Blessings of Leadership

Holding and handling the burden of leadership. Multicultural training on classism / elitism. “Whatever it Takes” follow-up group. It is a Warrior quadrant training, and the context is set by the Process Question: “What are your blessings and burdens of leadership?” The ‘Burden Process’ continues to be a mainstay in this training. Key covenanted processes covered are: Accountability and Mission.


Duration: 2-1/2 Days
Location: Private Facility
Leadership: Certified Leadership
Pre-Requisites: NWTA, PIT

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My experience at LT-2 was profound. It moved me in powerful ways. Years later I staffed LT-2 in its new format. Again, as a staff man, I was blessed with a transformational experience. Wow! What I took away from LT-2 has enriched ALL of my life; perhaps more so outside MKP than within the Project.
~ Paul B.

I too have also taken LT2 and also with Henry Thurman, a remarkable man. It is not just for men on Leader track, but for any man in any kind of leadership inside the Project or outside, or seriously considering stepping into leadership. I did it some years ago while preparing for Ritual Elder. As others have said, the impact on my entire life has been profound.
~ Tom R.

I have been fortunate in my career to have been a leader at many different levels, of groups ranging from 2 to 200, with several levels of intermediate managers in start-ups to large organizations. I have also been fortunate to have been sent to management training courses at Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, and independent training institutions. LT-2 was far and away the best training I ever went to in terms of understanding my position, my responsibilities, my communications, my ability to work with others to a common goal, to create win-win strategies, to honor different points of view without sacrificing authority, and many other “soft” skills that are required for effective leadership beyond the technical management skills like project management, accounting, legal, hr, etc. Really, it was all about understanding myself as a leader and getting out of my own way. This is the course you _really_ want to be an effective and well-regarded leader.
~ Brooks H.

When I did the training I got a much deeper understanding and somatic appreciation of my leadership gold and shadows. I would recommend this training for anyone interested in examining, confronting and transcending the obstacles they have created (wittingly or unwittingly) to their own growth.
~ Steve S.

Henry Thurman and Mike Patterson are a great duo! LT2 is very interactive and includes the opportunity to lead processes. I’ll remember my burden for a long time and then there’s the bonus of Whatever It Takes.
~ Jon H.

The LT 2 is a great training. … this event can transform your notion of ‘burden’ and ‘blessing’ around leadership – but more saliently, about the choices in your lives and the impacts to you – what you carry forward, often unconsciously, from those choices. It may sound trite, but I found the concreteness of the experience life changing. It’s affected how I evaluate my choices and actions beforehand. (Mostly – still a flawed human!) I highly recommend this work as an invitation into greater self awareness.
~ Andy T.

“We all have dreams. We all have desires. We all do the best we can – with what we’ve got … At the age of 47 I felt that I was doing a pretty good job. I have a pretty happy family, and lead and manage my staff pretty well. This weekend gave me a new lease on life! A new desire! A new drive! A new ambition! A new vision! I feel invigorated with a new energy, a drive and desire for more, for better, for me, for my family, for my community and for my business!”