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How does the Burden and Blessing of Leadership show up in your life?

The Burdens and Blessings of Leadership

Holding and handling the burden of leadership. Multicultural training on classism /elitism. “Whatever it Takes” follow-up group. It is a Warrior quadrant training, and the context is set by the Process Question: “What are your blessings and burdens of leadership?” The ‘Burden Process’ continues to be a mainstay in this training. Key covenanted processes covered are: Accountability and Mission.


Duration: 2-1/2 Days
Location: Private Facility
Leadership: Certified Leadership
Pre-Requisites: NWTA, PIT, LT1, LT3

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“We all have dreams. We all have desires. We all do the best we can – with what we’ve got … At the age of 47 I felt that I was doing a pretty good job. I have a pretty happy family, and lead and manage my staff pretty well. This weekend gave me a new lease on life! A new desire! A new drive! A new ambition! A new vision! I feel invigorated with a new energy, a drive and desire for more, for better, for me, for my family, for my community and for my business!”