Explore how your ‘Authentic Servant Leader’ shows up in MKP and your life.

The Authentic Servant Leader

The ManKind Project’s Leadership Training 3, The Authentic Servant Leader, is for men who have advanced on their personal and MKP leadership journey to the place where they are ready to look with fierce honesty at their own leadership shadows. LT3 focuses especially on the dyad of victim and predator.

This training will help you create more safety on NWTAs and in your life. We will also take a deep dive into multiculturalism through the lens of sexism.  LT3 sets the standard for MKP certified leaders for leadership within the project, our families, communities and the world. 

We ask, “Who or what is an authentic servant leader?”

Leader processes featured: Challenger Sensei, Inner Essence, and the International Certification Panel process. This training focuses on accessing “Sage” energy for healthy, powerful leadership. 


Duration: 2-1/2 Days
Location: Private Facility
Leadership: Certified Leadership
Pre-Requisites: NWTA, PIT


“We all have dreams. We all have desires. We all do the best we can – with what we’ve got … At the age of 47 I felt that I was doing a pretty good job. I have a pretty happy family, and lead and manage my staff pretty well. This weekend gave me a new lease on life! A new desire! A new drive! A new ambition! A new vision! I feel invigorated with a new energy, a drive and desire for more, for better, for me, for my family, for my community and for my business!”