(Trigger Warning – Episode includes personal experiences of childhood trauma)

“Masculinity is not about being the biggest, the fastest, the strongest, the one who sleeps with the most girls, and the one who has the most money. The one who has the most accomplishments is not the most masculine. In fact, it is often the men who covet these things most who are covering and compensating for the greatest insecurities. Let us revere the one who loves others deeply, loves himself deeply, and has a dream that he is inspired to live with and by and through. He is a man.”  — Lewis Howes

Be honest… What masks do you wear?!?
If your answer is “I never wear a mask.” Then this episode is DEFINITELY for you…

In episode #004 of The ManKind Podcast, Brandon Clift discusses with the Founder and Director of the Ever Forward Club, Ashanti Branch, why men feel the need to create metaphorical masks or “personas” in order to hide what is actually happening in their lives?

Who This Episode Is For You If:

  • You ever feel like you can’t be yourself in various circles or environments.
  • You have someone close to you that you judge to be behaving in a way that is inauthentic.
  • You want to better understand why it’s so easy for men to hide behind these masks.

In This Episode You Will:

  • Hear how our upbringing as children directly impacts how we act and behave as adults.
  • Learn why we need to break this cycle of hyper-masculinity and the message: “Be a man…”

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