The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves determine the quality of the selves we imagine we are. The stories we tell about others determine the quality of our relationships with them.” – ‘Rabbi Rami’ Shapiro

In this episode #040 of The Mankind Project, you get to meet the two newest voices to the ManKind Podcast, Men’s Work Geek, Boysen Hodgson, and Holistic Health Expert Paul Newell.

Today we’re introducing a new format for the show that will be conducted monthly.  The purpose of this is to open the door to discussions outside of the usual one-on-one format to broaden the scope in which we explore various topics.

Which means we can cover more ground in a shorter time frame.

You’re Going To Love This Episode if:

  • You are looking to overcome the limiting beliefs and stories that influence your thoughts, feeling, behaviors and relationships.
  • You want to create a NEW story for you and your life.
  • You enjoy hilarious conversations surrounding difficult subject matter.

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Boysen’s Work: Men’s Work Writer, Facilitator & Educator

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