“Black lives matter is not a black people’s movement – metoo is not a women’s movement – pride is not a gay people’s movement – it’s all humanity’s movement – a movement for being accepted as humans by the humans.”  Abhijit Naskar

In episode #006 of The ManKind Podcast, Brandon Clift discusses with the author of The Little #MeToo Book For Men, Mark Greene, why there is such a large opposition to the #MeToo movement from men. 

Who This Episode Is For You If:

  • You yourself want a better understanding of why this movement has sparked so much energy.
  • You’re curious as to exactly why so many people vehemently oppose #MeToo

In This Episode You Will:

  • Learn less about the #MeToo movement itself and more about WHAT created the fertile ground for it to grow so rapidly.
  • Be introduced to the notion of The ManBox and how it impacts the lives of both boys and men.

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