Ian Mackenzie, an award-winning filmmaker, has a passion for bringing light to defining cultural moments.  Through Ian’s podcast, The Mythic Masculine, he has explored the current and past cultural meaning of masculinity through conversations with activists, artists, indigenous leaders, and wisdom keepers.

In this episode #038 of The Mankind Project, Ian reveals how Robert Bly’s book “Iron John: A Book About Men” came into his life and sent him on his current journey of illuminating the thread of the 80s and 90s ”men’s movement” to today’s exploration of what it means to be a man by the Mankind Project and Sacred Sons.

You’re Going To Love This Episode if:

  • You are wondering what it means to be a man in the world today
  • You are curious about the history of the men’s movement
  • You’re concerned about the world being a good place for children of tomorrow

Show Highlights

  • [03:08] Interview Starts

  • [04:52] The story of Ian’s discovery of Iron John leading to a conversation with Michael Meade about the early days of men’s movement
  • [09:27] How the 90’s men’s movement responded to feminist demand, “men, do your work.”
  • [23:29] Under the leadership of men today, will the world of tomorrow be better for our children?
  • [37:23] How will we navigate the future to ensure a healthy world and a healthy planet for tomorrow?

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