Author, Fitness Celebrity, Proud Father, and Podcaster, Drew Manning is a true embodiment of how to turn one’s vulnerability into their strength.  Having grown up in a restrictive religion his upbringing made him believe that the only way to be truly happy was to be “perfect.”

In this episode #039 of The Mankind Project, Drew shares how it took hitting rock bottom through destructive behaviors such as addiction and infidelity to truly find himself. That only by removing his masks, accepting his faults, and embracing his vulnerability would he be able to find true fulfillment and happiness.

You’re Going To Love This Episode if:

  • You have been raised to BE a certain way that doesn’t feel natural to you.
  • You are wanting to explore and embrace your vulnerability as a man.
  • You’re looking to transform parts of your life but unsure of how to get there.

Show Highlights

  • [06:26] Interview Starts

  • [15:00] The Healthy way to approach a physical health transformation.
  • [25:28] Drew’s remarkable story of hitting rock bottom.
  • [33:15] The true powering of Vulnerability and how to turn it into your strength.

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