“From the time I was a child I’ve been drawn to Mystery–the ultimate and immediate mysteriousness of this world, of my psyche or soul, its heights and depths, as well as of all our psyches, and of what I’ve come to suspect is an infinite and eternal Psyche behind, beneath, in, and as the dimensions of matter, energy, time and space.” – Douglas Gillette

Author, Educator, and Jungian Analyst, Douglas M. Gillette’s writings have impacted the lives of millions since the early days of the men’s movement. His book, King, Warrior Magician, Lover which he co-authored with Robert Moore, has become the rosetta stone for many who participate in men’s work.

Of course, we wanted to dive into the archetypes with Doug in this interview however, we found great value in setting the stage for the entry of the four masculine energies by discussing the immense importance of initiation.

This in-depth discussion covers many questions that pertain to initiation including…

Q. If intentional initiation was so important for our ancestors and their survival, why is it absent in today’s cultures?

Q. What is it about the time we are living in today that has men and their behaviors under the microscope?

Q. How applicable/important is it for there to be rituals/rites of passage for boys and men in 2021?

Getting a chance to interview one of my favorite authors was an absolute joy for me and I believe it has resulted in a fantastic interview.

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