Brandon Clift is interviewed on the Dare To Dream Podcast, where he shares the many lessons gained from life since discovering men’s work.  

During the fourth round of a sweat lodge during a New Warrior Training Adventure, Brandon realized that his life wasn’t working. Despite early success in business and regular exposure to men’s work, he realized that he was doing what society “expected” of him instead of following his true calling.

That calling came in the form of abandoning the “expected path,” and within 12 weeks, he had sold everything that couldn’t fit into a suitcase. In the four years since leaving his life in Australia, Brandon has become entrenched in the world of men’s work, where he now acts as a conduit and bridge for men looking to find deeper meaning and connection. 

Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • What it means to “be a man” should be unique to the man asking the question.
  • Many live their lives based on the expectations of those around them versus following their true life’s calling. 
  • There is no “shortcut” to doing your work. Try as hard as you may, there is no escaping the necessity for men to do the deep work. 

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