Many a boy goes through a magic phase growing up. He learns a few card tricks, and maybe goes down to the local magic store to browse for more elaborate tricks. Even just entering the store is a little thrilling, as is showing off newly learned tricks to one’s family and friends.

Most men outgrow their magic hobby, although not necessarily their fascination with the art. But even the professional ranks of magicians are dominated by men.

So why are men so drawn to magic?

The masculine attraction to magic can be traced to something much deeper than the ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Rather, it is rooted in what the magician’s abilities represent–the power that comes from the mastery of a secret knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge to manipulate tools in order to control certain elements and produce desired outcomes. The yearning to harness and possess that power is what fuels the Magician archetype, an energy that every man should seek, whether or not he ever hopes to saw a lady in half.

– The Art Of Manliness: The Magician Archetype

We have been blessed with the opportunity to interview Author, Douglas Gillete over the past several months as we’ve set out to unpack and present to you the four foundational archetypes of the male psyche.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • The shadow aspects of the Warrior Archetype
  • How we fall into the Shadow Warrior
  • How to return back to the Warrior in its fullness.
  • How society has gotten the Warrior all wrong.

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