The King archetype is the most important of the four mature masculine archetypes. Just as a good king in mythological stories is often something of a Renaissance man–a good warrior, magician, and lover–the King archetype incorporates the other three mature masculine archetypes in perfect harmony.

A man who accesses the King archetype in its fullness will also have accessed the Warrior, Magician, and Lover archetypes. For this reason, the King archetype is typically the last of the mature masculine archetypes to power up in a man’s life. In this way, it is truly the crown of the other archetypes, the energy that gives a man a sense of his full, godlike potential.

– The Art Of Manliness: The King Archetype

We have been blessed with the opportunity to interview Author, Douglas Gillette over the past several months as we’ve set out to unpack and present to you the four foundational archetypes of the male psyche. 

Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • The shadow aspects of the King Archetype and how we wall into shadow.
  • How Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a sad but perfect example of the King in its shadow.
  • How to return back to the King in its fullness.
  • Why the King Energy is the lat many of us will earn access to.

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