Jed Diamond brings me hope. He’s been sitting in men’s groups for over 40 years. He’s built a life, a livelihood, a marriage, and a family that is driven by his passion and curiosity. Jed is an unassuming Buddha … a quiet and generative wise man. 

I’ve been in a diverse group of folks with Jed for a few months now to talk about a ‘Moonshot for ManKind’ 

Men die younger, are involved in more accidents, and suffer at higher rates from all 10 of the leading causes of death. 

Jed doesn’t talk blame, he talks responsibility, and he doesn’t play the victim. He lives in the space of being a learner, a healer, and a servant of helping others find better ways of living. In this conversation, we talk about the influence of fathers and the father wound. We talk about the profound value in creating life-long connections with men in men’s groups. 

Then we dive into health and healing for men … what can we do to improve men’s health across our lifespans … for all kinds of men, across ideologies and backgrounds … How can we bridge our differences and create health for everyone?

This conversation is for you if you love men. That’s it. 

If you love men, come sit with a wise man and think about what you might do, 

for your own health, and for the future of humanity. 

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