Content Advisory. This show contains unashamed, unscripted, and raw stories about coming out, sex, homophobia, addiction, marriage and divorce, love and monogamy and non-monogamy, grieving the loss of a partner … 

Stories of SELF-love and the battle for self-acceptance. 

Rich Kiamco is REAL. Rich is an out, gay, Filipino stand-up comic. He’s done the work over time to be and become who he is. 

In this conversation, Rich tells stories. Stories about coming out. About comedy, about overcoming generational trauma, growth through adversity, waiting to be rescued, loss and laughter. The freedom of releasing people from your anger. 

This month, Rich is featured on the or ABC Show ‘Our America: Who I’m Meant To Be;’ available online … see the show notes for a link. He’s been involved in the ManKind Project since 2016. 

I hope this episode makes you laugh, feel, and reflect. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ+ fans, folks, friends, family and followers. 

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