Can we use spiritual awareness to dismantle racism? 

Put another way … How can we tap into our own sacred intelligence to empower change in the world? 

This week on the ManKind Podcast I’m with Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery, the Reverend Dr. TLC. Regardless of your belief or non-belief this podcast might help you connect to a deeper sense of who you are as a motivated and passionate advocate for change … in all kinds of environments. 

Rev. Dr. TLC is the author of two books. Today we’re talking about her newest book, “”

What’s it like to be a Black Woman Pastor in the (mostly white) Presbyterian Church? 

What kinds of transformations are possible when we get willing to set aside old ways of seeing and hearing the world and living from a sacred purpose. 

There are three pillars in Sacred Intelligence. Sacred Motive, Self-ish Mindset, and Shared Movement.   In this podcast we dive into the journey of learning about our sacred intelligence and bringing it forward into the world. 

There are ways to make a difference. YOU can make a difference.

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Dismantling Racism: Healing Separation from the Inside Out
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Dismantle Racism: with Rev. Dr. TLC

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