I’ve spent a lot of my life believing that being free meant being without responsibilities. 

Admittedly … it’s incredibly childish! And the older I get the more clear it becomes that there is a dialog running in my brain all the time … between the adult me and some version of me that’s 2 or 5 or 11 years old … and man … he does not want responsibilities. 

I don’t think I’m unique in that … seeing the world as a place where I get to choose whatever I want and damn the consequences … ‘F’ em if they can’t take a joke’ and ‘he who dies with the most toys wins’ 

There are ways that our culture reinforces this kind of living … without integrity … a cohesive binding that makes something whole …  in subtle and not so subtle ways every day. And we can find lots of role models to look up to. 

Maybe there are other ways to understand freedom … and to embrace integrity. 

William Grace Frost has come to understand freedom in a different way. He has had some profound awakenings into what a life of integrity looks like, one of which happened on the New Warrior Training Adventure. 

He’s taken his experience as a professional athlete, as a highly trained coach, and as a student of multiple wisdom traditions, and used it all to create a process called the Men’s Freedom Formula … 

In this episode we talk about integrity, accountability, and freedom … William brings incredible gifts of wisdom and presence … and he also brings a gift … see below.

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