MKP USA Celebrates New Chair Elect and Four At-Large Members

The Board of the ManKind Project USA is grateful to announce the election of Lonnie Hamilton as Chair-Elect, and the addition of four members to the Board of Directors for one year terms as At-Large members.

Joining us are Rebecca (Becky) Schupbach, Richard Grehalva, Eliot Bolan and Stephán McKenzie. They join Chairman Darryl Hansome, Immediate Past Chair Bryan Harold, and Board Members David McLean (At Large), Ed Gurowitz (Board Secretary), Jerry Hamilton (Treasurer), Jon Levitt (International Relations, non-voting), Deb Mauger (CFO, non-voting), Rich Tosi (Founder), Bill Kauth (Visionary, non-voting) and David Kaar (Founders Circle of Honor Member, voting only if Tosi is not present).

We are grateful to Shaun Wilson Mora, John Gaughan, Meg McClellan, and Charles Green for offering to serve.

More about our incoming Chair and Board Members:


Chair Elect

Lonnie Hamilton completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in Los Angeles 2002. He has been a Co-Headman of the Lodge Keepers Society International (LKSI) and the Lodge Keepers Society in the US. Lonnie has served as Shadow Chair on the MKP International Council, Chair of Ethics and Right Relationship, ten years on Risk Management, eight years on the Lodge Keepers Society International (LKSI) Headman’s council and four years as MKP Los Angeles LKS Headman. He has also served on the MKP USA Lead Organizational Circle. Lonnie has four children, two (three in August 2022!) grandchildren; is a Technical Director and Producer of films, videos and live events. He was born in Oklahoma and lives in Los Angeles.

At-Large Board Members 

Stephán McKenzie completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in Los Angeles, 2012. He is an NWTA Certified Co-Leader since 2019, has served on the Board of Trustees Boys To Men USA, and as an Area Steward in Los Angeles. Stephán is a Co-Creator and Facilitator of MKP USA’s the Men’s Work: Living Through Disruption, and of the Ask and Tell Coaching program for GBTQ+ men. He is a filmmaker, writer, director, coach, poet and artist; and resides in Hawaii.

Becky Schupbach completed her first Shadow Work weekend in 1998. She is a Facilitator and active in the Woman Within community, a Certified Facilitator of Shadow Work Seminars and a Shadow Work Coach, a Facilitator of MKP USA’s Unpacking Power, Privilege and Difference Online Course, a Shadow Work Facilitator for the Priestess Path, and the US Executive Director for the Women In Power Program. Becky serves on the Woman Within International Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She has been a practicing attorney for 40 years. She is the mother of two adult children and one step daughter, married to warrior brother Jeff Baugher (Bedrock, 1995) and lives in Louisville, KY. Becky is the first woman elected to the MKP USA Board as a voting member.

Eliot Bolan completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in New England 1993. He has served in Elder Chair roles from 2019 to 2021. He is a retired research scientist, corporate executive and business owner. Eliot has served as a volunteer in cancer research for over 30 years, first in Boston and then in Seattle, where he now lives. He has four children and five grandchildren. He created and co-chairs the Elder Leadership Workshop.

Rich Grehalva completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 1990. He is the son of Greywolf, an elder and medicine man; Little Flower’s maternal grandmother’s grandson. He is an Elder and member of Shiishongna Tongva Nation – Corona Band Of Gabrielino Indians, where he is known as Ashaawt Hunwut (Eagle Bear). Rich is a Transformational Leadership Coach and an author of four books on personal development and business. He has led over 85 NWTAs since 1994. Rich worked closely with New Warrior Co-founder Ron Hering on personal development programs. Rich has been married for 39 years, father of a daughter, two sons, and three grandsons and is a cancer survivor, and lives in Birmingham, AL.

View the bios of all our Board Members here.


The Mission of MKP USA is to create a world where men act on their individual and collective responsibility for the future of humanity by initiating and supporting men on a path of emotional maturity, spiritual awareness, and deepening community.