In Memoriam, Matt Kelly

As Leader Trainer Chair and a Full Leader in the Project, Matt was passionate about assisting men in progressing on Leader Track. MKP USA is honored to launch the Matt Kelly National Leader Track Fund to assist men who need financial assistance in moving forward in their study following in Matt’s footsteps of leading NWTAs and Leader Trainings. The fund is created to provide up to $250 per man, per year, to be used for the ManKind Project Leadership trainings.

Song written for Matt Kelly by Tim Birchard.

We honor our ManKind Project New Warrior Brothers, our friends and men and women who have served as inspirations to the Project who passed in 2021 and 2022.

Jeff Harvey

Robert Bly

Steve Strauss

Jerry Small

Malidoma Some

Jerry England

Allan Checkoway

Peter Cafasso

Ken Ring

John Nemick

Jun Po (Dennis) Kelly

Jason Groode

Allen Owen

Bill Cook

Francis Saucedo

Bob Chanan

Ed Negron

Hugh Spalding

Tim Lagoo

Michael Harber

Robert Moore

Don Schmitz

Mark William Natzke

Henry Toney

Michael Stauder

Earl Shepard

Scott Isenhart

Bob Zalkin

bell hooks

Chris Byrd 

Aiau Koa Mo’o

Henry Ritmeester 

Sean Morrissey 

Jose Blanco

Satpurkha DeRigne 

Andy Carlson

John Blandford 

Bob Selig