Dr. Kay Bretz, a German-Australian corporate leader, elite athlete, entrepreneur and author of the inspirational book ‘Turning Right – Inspire the Magic’. After earning a master’s degree in International Business and getting awarded a doctorate in European Law in record time, Kay has worked in more than a dozen countries as a McKinsey consultant.

During his time as a corporate leader, he pursued his passion for long-distance running and learned to master the mental game. Kay stepped up from hobby marathon running to becoming one of the fastest ultramarathon runners worldwide. In his first year of ultrarunning in 2015, he improved the race record of the 250-kilometre-long Big Red Run by more than five hours. Then he joined the Australian national team in the 24-hour running format and became the fastest-ever Australian at the world championships, clocking 259.67 kilometres within 24 hours. In 2019 he got awarded the Australian Ultraperformance of the Year Award.

The pivotal moment unravelling his personal transformation was a simple right turn at his garden gate. Accidently, one day Kay turned right and realised that he had never turned right at that juncture. Too much was he caught up in his need for predictability, clinging to discipline and self-control. Turning right made him realise that there was a world out there waiting for him to explore, so – metaphorically speaking – Kay started turning right more often embracing uncertainty. Over this journey he learned how to leave behind the limitations he placed on himself which prevented him from overcoming his biggest challenges and reaching his dreams. His entire perspective on what he was capable of shifted, resulting not only in performance jump but also deeper fulfillment.

Links To Find Out More About Kay: 

  • Website: https://turningright.com/
  • The Book: https://turningright.com/award-winning-boo