MKP USA Operations Response to Coronavirus

Updated October 7, 2020

November 12, 2020

The ManKind Project USA is taking the threat related to COVID-19 seriously.

In March 2020, we halted all in-person training operations, including the New Warrior Training Adventure and face-to-face men’s groups. 

At the same time, MKP USA’s Board of Directors and Operations Team endorsed a roadmap for resuming in-person events. This plan allows for some small in-person trainings and events to be held in areas of the U.S. with exceptionally low infection rates. 

MKP USA Operations Training & Events personnel are tracking national and state data for the pandemic on a weekly basis. When combined with a stringent set of attendee requirements and on-location mitigation strategies, these metrics will allow us to reduce the risk of transmission on events.

We will continue to follow developments about the virus that will factor into our institutional response; such as the availability of vaccines and effective treatments as well as any substantial improvements in testing accuracy, speed, and availability.

Until considerable change occurs, we will rely on location metrics to determine which trainings receive tentative pre-approval to specific events in locations with acceptable metrics, with required adherence to:

  • Local / State / Federal Requirements
    • Attendee limits by raw numbers and/or by percentage of maximum occupancy
  • Attendee Screening / Pre-mitigation
    • Limits on attendee travel prior to event
    • Individuals within specific at-risk populations precluded from participating
  • On Location Screening and Mitigation
    • Fever check, face coverings, physical distancing

If you are looking to attend a ManKind Project event, please see our available online trainings as a first step to connection with a brotherhood of men. 

Near the end of 2020, we will begin listing planned in-person events for 2021 based on available data. You will be able to register for the New Warrior Training Adventure in selected locations across the United States as we reopen. 

Thank you for your interest, your patience, and your determination to make the world a better place. 

The ManKind Project USA Board and Staff