MKP USA New Warrior Headshots


Please send us a headshot for use in the MKP / Indigenous Men’s and Women’s Oyate of Pine Ridge Alliance video that MKP USA is working with Frederick Marx of Warrior Films to produce. We want to create a brief montage of MKP men from around the world. The more diverse the better.

In the ideal shot yours is the only face we see. If you have a high-resolution image that I can use — please make sure that it’s razor sharp, horizontal composition (not portrait) and also make sure that it’s very high-resolution (larger than 2000 pixels across the top). Your face will be full frame – from mid-neck to just above your head – and you’ll be staring directly into camera. Smiling is not necessary. Please note that sending your photo allows MKP USA, the Pine Ridge Indigenous Men’s and Women’s Oyate, and Warrior Films legal right to disseminate your photo in conjunction with this film wherever possible.

The video will not be used for any commercial purposes. Its primary purpose is to attract positive media attention. It will be posted to MKP USA web properties and social media.

Thank you – on behalf of the ManKind Project USA and Frederick Marx (Warrior Films)

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