Use of MKPConnect Data for Community Building

Use of MKPConnect Data for Community Building Team Efforts

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Policy on Use of MKPConnect Data:

  • Data may not be distributed beyond the terms defined in this document.

  • Data may not be shared through a list-serve or V-Group.

  • Data use is strictly limited to members of the local Community Building Team.

  • Data may not be used for any activity other than outreach for purposes of Community Building.

  • When assigning data to Community Building Teams, divide the data into small manageable chunks (5-10 records at a time).

  • Limit the number of men receiving, viewing, or editing data.

  • Record data changes for Area Edit Teams or MKP USA Staff

  • Record ‘Do not Contact’ requests – send to

Confidentiality: MKP USA is serious about honoring men’s private information and respecting their choices about communication. Record all ‘Do not Contact’ requests. Email Keith Jarvis at with a list of all ‘Do not Contact’ requests as soon as possible.

Best Practices:

Phone Calls: MKPConnect Data may be used to make personal phone calls in support of community building efforts, including invitations to local events, I-Group Outreach, and engagement for Membership. Starting with phone calls and following up with personal email is a best practice. Record all ‘Do not Contact’ requests. Email Keith Jarvis at with a list of all ‘Do not Contact’ requests as soon as possible.

No Bulk Email: This data may not be used to create external contact databases, V-Groups, Bulk Email Lists, or Marketing Lists using subscription services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, AWeber, or others.

All emails sent using this data should be sent from personal email accounts, and addressed to the man being emailed.  Community Building Teams should be formed with this in mind. Break down the data in small chunks. Send personalized emails. Engage men to talk to men they already know. Email Keith Jarvis at with a list of all ‘Do not Contact’ requests as soon as possible.

Email Listserve Policy: Please review the MKP USA Email List and V-Group Policy for guidelines on use of V-Groups and Email Lists.

Postal Mail: MKPConnect Data may be used to send postal mail that is community building in nature. Only ManKind Project community events and curriculum may be promoted through postal mail. Third party commercial promotion is strictly prohibited. Postal mail can be used to invite engagement in community activities and promote ‘Opt In’ to other communication. MKPUSA has a non-profit bulk email permit. Contact Dan Baldwin at for more information.

Additional Information:

Terms of Use:

The MKPConnect End User License Agreement defines data use restrictions in Section III. Review the full End User License Agreement.


The MKPConnect Privacy Policy defines the information we collect, and how that information may be used. Review the Privacy Policy.

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