Sitting meditation has dramatic positive effects for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

4-Day Integral Zen™ Retreat

An Opportunity to enliven the soul and fundamentally alter your view of the world.

Sponsored by the ManKind Project USA,
developed and staffed by members of the Integral Zen Community.


The practice of sitting meditation (zazen) has been shown to have dramatic and positive effects for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Integral Zen retreats are a rare combination of deep meditative practice, transformative process, rigorous intellectual exploration and sacred ritual, led by men and women with a powerful commitment to the betterment of all beings.

About Integral Zen™

Integral Zen™ is a process developed by JunPo Denis Kelly, Roshi, founder and Abbot of the Hollow Bones order of Rinzai Zen. The transformative process of Integral Zen™, is a western adaptation of the ancient Chinese and Japanese Koan process of zen training updated for the 21st century.

“Integral Zen training is one of the most important, creative, and novel additions to the meditation pantheon, highly recommended for the accelerated effect it has on spiritual growth and development. Definitely check it out!”
– Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

Zen – within an Integral Framework

Integral Zen™ builds on the powerful Zen process by placing it within the context of an “integral right view”. Integral Zen™, founded by Doshin, Roshi, builds on the foundation laid by ancient Zen practice and the modern Integral Zen™ process. This “integral” understanding was pioneered by Ken Wilber and brings a perspective that fully includes and appreciates the parts of a whole while at the same time transcending those parts to see the whole. Integral Zen consciously brings together the Integral AQAL (All Quadrants, All Levels) maps and the territory of Zen practice. With an Integral understanding we gain a perspective of the world that is broad enough, and insight into ourselves that is deep enough, to understand and solve today’s complex problems in brave new ways. Using Integral tools and the Integral Zen™ process Integral Zen™ helps you develop enhanced clarity, creativity and vision to be able to take decisive compassionate, skillful action in your life.

“Integral Zen™ is a process of experiencing the light of Pure Awareness (Zen) and integrating it into the very fabric of our lives and the heart of our relationships.”
– Doshin Roshi

Is this Retreat for YOU?

If you are ready to take the next step in gaining greater emotional maturity and spiritual awareness then this retreat is for you. If you are prepared to lay the foundation upon which incredibly deep personal work can be successful then this retreat is for you. If you are willing to be open, honest and vulnerable within a sacred circle of men and women equally committed to growing up, waking up and cleaning up, then this retreat is for you. If you are able to see and are attracted to the the power, interconnection and interdependency of deep relationship and the richness of community, then this retreat is for you.

If you have read this far you may be ready. But don’t believe teachers or institutions or any advertising – including this one. Find out for yourself. This may be your time to wake up more fully, grow up more authentically and clean up those areas that need it. Consider registering today – now.

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Cost of the Retreat …where, when and how

The total costs of the Integral Zen retreats vary based on location and facility costs but average about $550 per person. You will find a complete list of retreats at the bottom of this page. Just click on the link to get complete details.

The retreat is funded using the Co-Creative Contribution Process (CCP). The intent of CCP is to make this event available to as many people as possible, regardless of their financial situation. Click here to find out more about CCP.

A deposit is required to reserve your seat. At the end of the retreat, you will be asked to make an additional “Co-Creative Contribution” based on:

  • knowledge of the actual costs to put on the retreat
  • your belief of the benefits from the retreat for you and your relationships
  • your desire to see this work more fully benefit the world
  • your financial reality – we ask you to give out of your abundance without hurting yourself financially.

You are asked to give from your abundance in a way that honors what you received and honors the truth of your economic situation. The Co-Creative Contribution Process is part of the learning and growth opportunity of the Integral Zen™ Retreat.


Duration: 4 Days
Location: Private Facility
Leadership: Certified Leadership
Pre-Requisites: None – Open to men & women


To begin planning an Integral Zen 4 Day Retreat in your Area, contact Kodo Mike Elser @ mikeelser@mkp.org.


"What flows through me primarily are emotions, by approaching my emotional well being through the practice of zazen meditation and the Mondo Process, I learned that emotions are information flowing through my body and the Mondo Process has helped me to realize that I can respond rather than react to these emotions. I also have not only deepened my spiritual practice but have deepened my insight, discernment, heightened my awareness and strengthened my facilitations skills as a workshop leader through my Mondo Zen practice. I recommend the Mondo Process to anyone, as a way to transcend and include while expanding and deepening one's connection to their inner self, as well as connection to and relation with others. Whenever I have an issue that needs my attention; the best place to take it is to the cushion."

Jon Wilson, NWTA Co-Leader, Former Center Director Metro New York August 6, 2015

"I attended the 3 day Integral Mondo Zen weekend with little context or background. I had heard of it and known people who had gone and had some intellectual understanding of Zen practice but had never actually attempted it. I was intrigued by the simplicity of instructions on the mediation practice and learned to love the long periods of silence and meditation. Doshin was an intriguing teacher with a sense of humor and clarity about his teachings. The highly structured format and deep respect for silence and each person’s inner experience enriched my own experience. The Qi Gong practiced integrated into the long periods of sitting allowed me to continue in a meditative state but move my body. I began a practice that continues because it had such a strong start."

Julien Devereaux, MKP SCA Past Area Steward & MKP USA Board Chair Elect (2015) August 6, 2015

"The Mondo Zen experience has been a fantastic addition to my path of personal development. It has helped my to be more focused and to be able to respond more mindfully, instead of reacting when faced with emotionally challenging situations. Learning to relax into being, instead of always doing has also been a great gift. As a result of this training, my relationships with my family and friends have become richer and fuller.

I highly recommend this Mondo Zen experience to anyone on a path of personal growth and spiritual development."

Donna Elser, Woman Within Eastern Region - Staffing Coordinator & Facilitator-in-Training August 4, 2015

"Have you ever yearned to learn to Be Still and Listen?  I certainly have.  By going to the IMZ retreat I was able to learn how silence can deepen my soul through a practice of meditation and being aware. I highly endorse this program and one of the benefits is the joy of learning together with men and women in a very sacred container."

Char Tosi, Founder Woman Within International August 4, 2015