by Peter L. Dean

ManKind Project/New England (MKPNE) Elders Gathering in Massachusetts in July 2016 discussed the major issues confronting the planet and what role we as elders might play in addressing these challenges.  The discussion quickly settled in on the key issue of climate change.

They are calling themselves “Elders for Climate Justice” and have been meeting monthly via Zoom.  Their initial goal is to conduct video interviews with notable environmental experts and activists, then use these recorded interviews to develop a compelling video package that they would disseminate through MKP channels such as the MKPUSA Website and newsletter, on YouTube, etc.  So far, they have conducted interviews with Bill McKibben, co-founder of, the President and Executive Director of the Sierra Club (Loren Blackford and Michael Brune), and Ken Kimmell, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists.  

In addition, they are hoping to add interviews with other experts/activists from organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Citizens Climate Lobby, and the League of Conservation Voters.  They even have hopes of snagging someone like Bill Nye, the “Science Guy”.  and would like help from anyone has an “in” with such people or organizations.  Beyond a video package of interviews, They are developing a website that would make the videos and other useful information and resources easily available to a wider public. You can see their videos here:

Elders for Climate Change Justice Interview with Bill McKibben.

The science of climate change is clear.  Sadly, the issue has become very politicized.  However, most people correctly believe that climate change will affect everyone whether we are Democratic, Republican, or something else.  They intend to stay clear of electoral politics and to keep our effort strictly issue-oriented and non-partisan.

They do need some technical help.  Specifically they could use help from someone with  expertise creating and editing attractive video packages.  Also, someone who can provide help with developing/maintaining a website.  If you can help, please contact Jud Lawrie at the email address below.  

If you’re interested in learning more about climate change, or how to get involved in mitigating it, here are four excellent Websites: Elders Climate Action (a group started by another MKP man from Indiana–Paul Severance – Ron Hering Award Winner), (With chapters in most states), Citizens’ Climate Lobby and  Project Drawdown.

Men from other MKPUSA regions are welcome to join Elders for Climate Justice, MKP/New England if you have any feedback, want to participate, and/or have suggestions for other possible actions that MKP might take (non-elders as well).