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A next step on your journey of healing and transformation; an integration of vision, action, and mission into your daily life. 

Take a Next Step

The Next Step Training is open to men and women who regularly participate in peer-support circles such as I-Groups and E-Circles in which peer-facilitated processes occur. 

In your initiation training, you may have been introduced to a deeper awareness of who you are, and how your life works and doesn’t work. You may have learned how to sit in circle with your brothers and/or sisters, and own and embrace the shadows that are at play in your life. You may have tapped into something greater than yourself, discovered your own personal mission of service and chosen to take full responsibility for your life.

You will learn to change your life from the inside out. The Next Step Training is designed to be a deep dive into the integration of vision, mission, and action into your daily life; to take the catharsis of initiation and transform it into meaningful choices, habits, and actions to manifest your vision in the world. 

Because the dynamic of the Training is improved by a more balanced ratio between men and women, we sometimes create a waitlist to ensure a more balanced training.

During this multi-gender training you will:

In this training you will:

  • Discover a deeper mission and gain greater clarity on how you can live this mission in every aspect of your daily life.
  • Go from owning and embracing your shadows to healing and transforming them into allies that support your mission.
  • Learn powerful facilitation tools that can take your everyday experiences and weekly circle to a new level.
  • Experience a step-by-step process of deep healing and learn to facilitate the same deep healing in others.
  • Add a cognitive context for the work that aligns your head and your heart and adds a depth to your facilitation.
  • Develop a Portal to your Inner World and take the next step on your inner world journey.
  • Learn mastery of this Inner World, connect to resources and the parts of yourself that live there.
  • Establish a base for your inner work where these parts can gather, work with each other and express your life.


Duration: 2.5 Days

Location: Retreat Center

Leadership: Professional Leadership

Pre-Requisites: None – Open to Men and Women with previous MKP, WW, HER, or related experience


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Wonderful training, and great for new Circle skills! Plus an MBTI, a primer on Spiral Dynamics, and process to develop a Mission Statement – not to mention all the stuff I said I wouldn’t mention! Just do it!
— Becca Linekin, Next Step Participant
This training was an unforgettable experience. A transformational journey led by a master magician. I highly recommend it!– Terry Parker, Next Step Participant
Powerful stuff. Great tools and methodology. Bill Wich is a master!– Steve Harper, Next Step Participant
Transformational. This is both a weekend to gain facilitation tools and a time to transform your inner world.” – Next Step Participant
Amazing. Transformative. This training enabled me to love the parts of me that I have been too ashamed to even look at before.” – Next Step Participant
Next Step does exactly what it promises: bringing men & woman into the next steps of their spiritual journey after they have been initiated into loving communities.” – Next Step Participant
“I appreciated the opportunity to take a better look at who I am and what is my true identity. I asked myself questions that I have never asked of myself. Exploring parts of me that have been long repressed and their purpose in creating the person I am today. The tools freely given will serve me in continuing to grow in as a whole person in my life. I recommend this training to anyone who wants to better to know themselves and how they can better contribute their unique gifts to the universe..” – Next Step Participant