Primary Integration Training 

Revised Online PIT

Primary Integration Training (PIT) — An eight-week Online course

Primary Integration Training (PIT) Online is a fully revised ONLINE version of the Primary Integration Training that has been a cornerstone of building and strengthening I-Groups for nearly 30 years. This version of the PIT contains the most powerful processes and exercises of the PIT presented over 8 online sessions, with a rich array of resources, videos, reading, and exercises to keep you growing and learning – in multiple learning styles.

This updated version of this flagship training for men’s groups is part of the series of trainings in the Core Training Series: After the Adventure, PIT 2020 (Integration & Circle Skills), the I-Group Facilitation Training (IGFT), and the Online I-Group Leadership Skills Training (IGLST).

Embarking on a committed journey of growth with a group of men is challenging and exciting. It’s a tremendous opportunity to deepen your self-awareness and build bonds that can last a lifetime.

What you’ll learn


  • Look again at some of the transformations of the NWTA in a new light.
  • Practice key I-Group processes in each Round: Checking In, the Shield, Accountability, Clearings, the ‘Work Round,’ and Closing the Circle


  • Learn the full Framework for running a 4-round I-Group from start to finish
  • Groundwork for creating a safe and brave space for including men from different backgrounds.

Course Specifications


8 weekly live sessions

Session Length

180 minutes


Online Zoom Meetings





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