It’s time for men to step into Purpose

Power of Purpose!

In 2013, the ManKind Project USA launched our first ever Online Training – the Man on Purpose Course. The MoP Course launched on March 19, 2013, with over 130 men from 15 nations joining our pursuit of purpose in the world.

We kicked off the Man on Purpose Course with a four day global Power of Purpose Summit, featuring some of the top names in building a life of purpose; Dan Millman, Neale Donald Walsch, Chris Attwood, Tim Kelley and many more.

If you missed the first Man on Purpose Course – you can still get access to the Power of Purpose Summit Audio Recordings! These recordings are available for live streaming from the Power of Purpose Summit web page. To get instant access to the page, SIGN UP HERE. And welcome to the pursuit of purpose!

You’ve probably felt the call…

“The secret of success is constancy of purpose.” Benjamin Disraeli

You know you could be waking up on fire every day. You could be accomplishing truly meaningful things. Have a powerful impact on the world. Do something you were born to do. You could be surrounded by alive, engaging people — people you admire and respect and who admire and respect you. You could be living a bold and passionate life.

It’s true — your life could be like this. You’ve probably felt it. Maybe you’ve even done something about it, yet still know you can improve your game.

You’ve probably had some kind of wake-up call in your life …

Like waking up from the matrix, you’re no longer buying into the illusions surrounding you.

You’re no longer convinced that a bigger paycheck, a nicer house, a cooler car, more “toys,” or a sexier partner are going to bring more meaning into your life. You’re beyond those clichés, beyond pursuing someone else’s dreams. You know there’s more to life than what you’ve seen and done so far.

Because you’ve had this ‘A-HA,’ you get that those old desires are a dead-end road.

You know there’s something bigger for you … yet merely knowing isn’t enough.

So what’s the missing piece?

Life may feel like it’s stuck in a rut. You keep doing the same things — or maybe even different things — but none of them truly resonate as that missing piece. The thing that really sets the clear direction for your life and brings you alive … from the inside out. And as long as it’s missing, your life will keep feeling empty.

Of course, maybe you don’t feel that way. Maybe your life is going exactly the way you want it to. You wake up inspired. You jump out of bed knowing exactly what to do. Your power and impact are growing. You’re totally alive and achieving huge things …

If that sounds like you, you’ve probably discovered that one core thing ALL men need to live a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Your purpose.