Donation Script – Never been a Member

This script is provided only as a suggestion and tool. Ultimately it will be your real voice and passion that resonates with a man. Get comfortable saying it in your own words.

Hi this is (your name) …   I am a warrior brother from MKP.

{listen and dialogue}

I’m calling about Membership in MKP USA … it is something new we started last year and I want to make sure you understand what’s happening in the community.   I also want to share we have an incredible opportunity to access over $50,000 in matching funds.

Do you have a minute?

{listen and dialogue}

Of the almost 50,000 men that have gone through the weekend we did not have a way to know who liked it, who is still around, and who wants to help us support the cause … even if they are not in I-Groups or staffing. Membership first is about standing up and declaring your support for the cause.

Was the weekend a powerful experience in your life?

We are also trying to change the way we support our organization. We want to get it off the backs of the New Brothers and figure if enough men who graduated donate a little annually we can lower the cost of the weekend and have thriving centers doing mission work and reaching more men.

I want to make sure you know…

  • Membership is voluntary
  • Once a Warrior Brother, always a Warrior Brother – you’ll always have our support.
  • But we need your support

Right now we have around  $50,000 in matching funds generously donated by several men … from across the United States … who believe in membership. For every $1.00 donated another .50 cents is going to be added.

Do you want to help more men  have the opportunity to get the gift of this work by being a member?

When he asks what does that entail:

We are doing this in true warrior fashion. One mans give is as good as another. We are trying to average $125 per donation realizing some men can give more and others may not be able to. So ultimately it is up to each man what he can give. (minimum donation $10.)

A lot of men are doing monthly donations of $15.00

How much would you like to give today?

50% will go to support the local center of your choice.
What center  do you want it to go to?

Can you put that on your credit card now?


Read the numbers back to him.
If the man prefers not to give his credit card number on the phone:

You can also donate through our secure server online at

If he wants to pay by check here are the instructions:


MKP USA is happy to accept checks for Annual Membership.
If a donor wishes to contribute by check, please give them the following instructions: Make out check to:  “MKP USA”
Memo line (very important!!):  “Membership 100% USA” or “Membership 50/50 [name of center]”
Mail to: ManKind Project USA
c/o James Dougherty, JLK Rosenberger
801 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 550, Glendale, CA 91203