#NewWarrior David Sampliner’s new short movie, “Brothers,” premiered November 1st at the prestigious DOK Leipzig  festival in Germany. Sampliner made the documentary with his wife Rachel Shuman.

The film follows James, a left-leaning poet, who decides to travel to Idaho to visit his brother Dolph, a Trump-supporting former Marine, to attempt to bridge their longstanding divide.  It’s a film about the mystery of sibling rivalry, competing ideas of manhood and masculinity, and the elusiveness of brotherly love.  It’s also a parable for a our nation, fractured by seemingly irreconcilable differences, hoping to heal the ever-widening rift between its citizens.

David hopes that the film will be shown in the US soon. 

David Sampliner’s last film, “My Own Man,” (available on Netflix) is an exploration of David’s hero’s journey into fatherhood while trying to understand and resolve his relationship with his own father. Congratulations David!