Statement Against Racism and Oppression

Adopted by the ManKind Project USA Board – November 2015

This is not a prescription. This is statement of vision for a global men’s institution. It is a declaration of our highest ideals and intentions for the world and for ourselves.

The ManKind Project USA adopts the following position statements:

  • We invite men to do their work as they define it, to respect the identity and value of others.
  • We take responsibility for the impact of our words and behaviors on others.
  • We affirm that racial and other differences are a normal part of the spectrum of humanity and masculinity and not an indicator of anyone’s worth.
  • We recognize, in particular, the historical context and impact of oppression, discrimination and profiling of African Americans in the USA as deeply embedded in the US culture, including the criminal justice system.
  • We acknowledge that these behaviors continue today as a result of personal, institutional, and cultural prejudices and actions.
  • Recognizing that race bias exists in each of us, consciously or unconsciously, we will challenge oppressive, discriminatory, or targeting behaviors and actions in MKP USA trainings and circles.
  • We support our MKP USA members, communities, and societies in identifying and challenging any such words and behavior in the world at large, socially, professionally, and spiritually.

In addition to the statement, the ManKind Project USA Board also adopted a set of Recommended Action Steps for Increasing Diversity: Proposal to Recommend Actions For Implementing Policies of Inclusion