The lines between our personal and professional lives are blurred more than ever these days.

Whatever is happening to us outside of work – whether stressful, painful, or joyful – follows us into our work. We may think we have to keep these two realities under wraps and act as if we “have it all together.” However, we can work better, lead better, and be more engaged and fulfilled if – instead of trying to hide who we are – we show up fully and authentically.

Take a moment to think: Are you bringing your whole self to work? Or are you still trying to maintain two completely separate lives? What would happen if you were more authentic, more real, more vulnerable?

Bringing our whole selves to work means acknowledging that we’re vulnerable, imperfect human beings doing the best we can. It means having the courage to take risks, speak up, have compassion for ourselves and others, ask for help, connect with people genuinely, and be authentic.

I first met Mike Robbins when I sat in a ManKind Project iGroup in the Bay Area.

He has worked with people, leaders, and teams inside of a wide range of excellent organizations from Google to Citibank, from the U.S. Department of Labor to the San Francisco Giants, from small start-ups in Silicon Valley to family-owned businesses in the Midwest.

His experience with such diverse and successful clients, as well as his extensive research, have taught him some valuable lessons about what it takes to thrive in today’s complex business world. Mike shares the most important insights and techniques he’s learned in this new book which is called…you guessed it…Bring Your WHOLE SELF To Work.

His book will help you:

  • Be bold and authentic in how you communicate, lead, and work
  • Appreciate yourself and those with whom you work in a genuine and effective way
  • Focus on and expand your emotional intelligence
  • Embrace and deepen your growth mindset
  • Connect, trust, and collaborate more efficiently and successfully with your team and those with whom you work

Bring Your WHOLE SELF To Work is brand new and I encourage you to order it right now. And, when you do, Mike will send you some free bonus gifts (new audio programs he just recorded).

It’s time to build stronger relationships and improve your performance. It’s time to Bring Your Whole Self to Work.

Live a Bold & Authentic Life