Structure for Sustainability

The ManKind Project USA is in the process of reinvention.

We are moving toward a more balanced funding picture of Membership / Tuition (fee for service) / and Capital Fundraising.

Capital Funds are for our future building and investment in the ManKind Project USA.

“I am in this on behalf of the survival of the MKPSD, MKP-USA and MKPI. This is an us thing for me. I am more interested in what can I do for us than what you can do for me. ” ~ John Malone, MKPSD Center Director 

Fund The Plan (FTP-Completed Campaign):

Purpose: to generate $1,000,000; Achieved $400,000
Target audience: General MKP Population
Note:  20% of the monies have been used for hiring IT Administrator, Marketing Director, Interim Development Director, purchasing hardware/software for web-based system (CiviCRM) and supplementing the salary of the new Executive Director.  The rest will be used as stated in the prospectus and is being held in TRUST and managed directly by a small team of men.This was about the commitment of MKP USA to re-invent itself into the next generation.This was a onetime fundraising campaign. If we did not reach a bottom level goal of $400,000 we would not go forward. If so we would have given all monies back and probably the organization would have died. We started spending some of that money in July, which became fully in use in August. The money is going towards expenses that the Stanford men told us we needed to put into place if we had any chance of surviving.

Chairman’s Campaign:
Purpose: to generate $165,000
Target audience:those individuals who have contributed substantially in the past ($600 or more), as well as foundations, trusts and men and women of significant means.This is about filling the gap in our budget for this year.For 10 years this has been a large part of our yearly operating budget. We are still alive because generous men have supported our survival every year. As we move further into the process of re-invention, the Chairman’s Campaign is evolving into a Capital Campaign, aimed at strategic goals. Today we will still need the help of our members to function within our yearly budget.This is about re-inventing MKP USA by
  1. creating a lasting legacy for the ManKind Project USA and the generations to come
  2. embracing a unique opportunity to have a broad impact for thousands of men
  3. investing in the potential for long-lasting cultural change based in values and bonded human connections
  4. investing in a safer society and better institutions for our children and our children’s children.

Foundation Builders:

72 Donors
Purpose: to provide a program of 5 years minimum funding for MKP-USA to continue the reinvention process begun with the Fund the Plan Initiative.
Target audience: those men who have contributed in the past 18 months with donations of $599 or less (1200+ men) and any Member of MKP USA.This is about the essential re-invention of MKP USA in the next 5 years.We are asking men to contribute $25 each month for five years to meet the additional funding requirements laid out by Fund the Plan. Fund the Plan was just the starting point. These monies keep us functioning while we make this huge shift in our culture. Without this foundation, it is unlikely that MKP USA will succeed in implementing the kind of changes we need to thrive.This is about creating a sustainable professional organization by
  1. accruing “construction dollars’ for our sustained growth,
  2. the design and launch of additional trainings,
  3. reaching greater audiences through marketing
  4. opening the doors to collaboration and innovation.

Purpose: to double the membership in each center
Target audience:those men who have not contributed since November 2009.  If you have donated since then, we’ve already made you a member.This is what will determine whether we are alive or not in 10 years.Successful not for profits have a large membership base that provide the steady operational funds to maintain services, communicate effectively, and innovate in the market-place. We are working with centers to establish this program at the local level, with 50% of the money going back to the centers. Again, this is ongoing and different from the other two live fundraising efforts.This is about:
  1. supporting local communities and the national organization that keeps the Centers alive, through a 50/50 sharing of resources
  2. evolving the culture of MKP from reliance on training income to a culture of membership
  3. building an ‘army’ of committed people who believe in the value that MKP offers to the world and want to support it
  4. exponential expansion of what MKP USA can provide to local communities and IGroups