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Make a Difference. Inspire hope. Create a Legacy.

Each small choice creates ripples. Healing masculinity is essential to healing some of our society’s deepest wounds. Supporting men’s personal development has direct and lasting cultural impacts. The ManKind Project USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to MKP USA are fully tax deductible.

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Here are ways you can directly support the ManKind Project USA. Fundraising for Communities.
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Become a Member / Renew Your Membership

Click Here to become a member or renew your membership with MKP USA.

Diversity Scholarship Fund

Supports African American, Native American, and Latino men in the United States to attend the New Warrior Training Adventure. Generously seeded by an anonymous donor and actively managed. Click Here to donate to the Diversity Scholarship Fund.

Young Warrior Scholarship Fund

Supports men 18-35 to attend the New Warrior Training Adventure and Leadership Training programs. Nurturing the next generation of Leaders. Click Here to donate to the Young Warrior Scholarship Fund.

Foundations/Granting Organizations

MKP USA is delighted to be in association with multiple foundations and granting organizations around the country. For information about how to become involved on behalf of your organization, please contact Alex Morrison at

For ManKind Project USA’s 990, Donor Bill of Rights and/or Auditor’s Opinions, please refer to MKP USA Financial Information. For MKP USA’s IRS Letter of Determination, download by clicking here.

Corporate Matching

We have actively partnered with corporations across the USA who provide employer matching programs for nonprofits such as the ManKind Project USA. If your employer has a matching program, it’s easy to get started.

You will need to provide your employer with proof of the ManKind Project USA’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit status (Letter of Determination provides this information), and you will need MKP USA’s EIN (Employer Identification Number: 36-3712913). Your employer may have a form to be completed to set up the match. Additional financial information can be found on our website under MKP USA Financial Information.

If you need additional assistance, please contact MKP USA Finance (, and contact your company’s HR or Benefits Department.

MKP USA is proud to be registered as a recognized charitable organization by the following Corporate Matching programs:

  • United Way
  • Easy Match
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Combined Federal Campaign (for government employees)

Use this form to register your organization or learn more.

Major Giving

With an aggregate services and programming budget of approximately seven hundred thousand dollars a year, each increment of $10,000 makes a dramatic difference in the level of service and programming MKP USA can provide to men and in turn, their families, partners, communities and ultimately the planet. Contact for more information. All donations are tax deductible with tax receipts provided.

The number of men in MKP USA that are giving $1,000 or more in support of MKP USA’s mission and communities has grown from fewer than 20 men in 2010 to over 100 in 2014. When donors give generously from the abundance without hurting themselves, they help grow an infrastructure and programming that set a foundation for generations of men to come.

Legacy Giving & Estate Planning

Click Here to learn about Legacy Giving with MKP USA. Our Fund Development Team has experience in setting up customized Legacy Giving programs for those who require additional nuance in their legacy plan. Options can include Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Insurance Policies and assistance in coordinating estate documents and instruments.

Legacy Giving both ensures the long term sustainability of the ManKind Project USA for future generations to come and offers each donor an opportunity to reach into the future and express their intentions for humanity in a powerful way.

Donate Cars or Property

Here is an easy, low maintenance way to bring in funds through people donating used cars, boats, motorcycles, motor homes, time shares, even houses and property. This can be setup and run with only 1 man. Time commitment is only an hour per quarter (at minimum) – sending out awareness emails about the program with the contact information for completing the donation. The time commitment can increase if you wish to extend the advertising and awareness of this program to more of the surrounding community (i.e. with printed flyers, announcements at events, etc).

How it Works: Cars, Inc., 4669 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92123, coordinates the entire process nationally. Once setup, a donor simply calls toll-free 844-MKP-4-CAR (844-657-4227) or visit the website here – You will use the 844 number and the website link in your awareness emails and advertisements. The 844 number and website ties directly to Cars, Inc. who picks up and/or arranges towing for the vehicle(s). Cars Inc. takes care of any title or DMV issues if necessary, and sells the vehicle(s) at auction or by other means. Once the vehicle is sold, your community receives 80% of the proceeds minus any expenses for towing, auction fees, etc. Cars, Inc. sends a check directly to MKP USA on behalf of your community. Donations worth more than $500 will receive a 1098C tax form for the donor to write off taxes if the donor provides a social security number.

Bob Oser in the Kentucky area has been running this program for several years. If you have questions, you can contact him at You can also contact Sultani Trip at for assistance.

Donate Electronics

Information coming soon.

Donate Air Miles

MKP USA is currently working on developing a program that will allow men to donate airline miles to offset travel costs for men to attend NWTA trainings, leadership and multicultural trainings, community events, national and international gatherings. If any interested party has relationship or references to AirLink, MKP USA is awaiting response on its pending application.

Amazon Smile

This is a way to create ongoing funding with little maintenance over time other than initial setup and awareness emails and announcements at group events and functions in your community. This can be setup by 1 man.

How it works: has a linked site called Purchasing from Amazon through the allows each purchaser to select a non-profit Charity to benefit from each and every purchase. The site automatically donates 0.5% of the every purchase made through to the purchaser-selected charity. offers the same exact selection of products at the same prices as the normal site with the added bonus of 0.5% of the purchase going to MKP USA. A person MUST use the site (NOT in order to generate the automatic donation to the ManKind Project. Building Awareness and reminding people to use the alternate site address – To select the ManKind Project USA on Amazon Smile, search for ManKind Project Layton, UT.

Some Areas, Communities or Centers have their own Amazon Smile accounts which also provide a wonderful way to support MKP in your Area. Contact for more information.

ManKind Project Amazon Bookstore

Click Here to visit the MKP Bookstore, powered by Amazon, and see the many books written or recommended by New Warriors.

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